I'm looking into new flat irons but I'm confused on which to get!

  1. I currently have a True Ceramic Pro. I got it four years ago and it's held up well, but after a while of using it, it really dries my hair out. I was at work today and we have a few CHI irons and products on display that I was thinking of trying out. I'd get a good discount and I think the iron is around 75...unless it's 175 and I'm half blind. But then I was reading about the Sedu iron and heard that it's really good. What do you all suggest?
  2. I've owned both a Sedu and a Chi. The Sedu is amazing and works much better than the Chi. It makes my hair smooth and shiny in addition to being straight. It only takes a few swipes with the Sedu for my curly hair to be stick straight. The Chi caused damage and breakage even though I used hair products to strengthen it. Of course, it was minor compared to the damage that the sally hansen straightener I had did.

    If you straighten your hair everyday, it's totally worth it to invest in a Sedu. It's the top of the line and there are great places to get it for a discount on the web.

    This is the exact one I have:
  3. I agree the sedu is amazing,my hair is wavy and it makes it straight and shiny.I love it ^-^
  4. Ahhhhhh. I just ordered a Chi! but it was pink and it was so cute.
  5. There is only ONE flat iron out there I would use on my hair - a GHD. I posted a thread about them last week, and Ichelle posted one about hers when she got it a little while back. They're definitely an investment, but totally worth it in my opinion. My hair is super curly and I live in a HUMID climate, and the GHD is the only thing that's ever been able to make it pin-straight and stay that way.

    the Chi i had was terrible for my hair and i wish i had never wasted my money on the stupid thing. it's super drying and damaging unless your hair is oily to begin with, and it never sealed the cuticle of my hair - it'd poof back up almost immediately, and it was never ever shiny.
  6. I completely agree^^

    GHD is amazing (and I've gone through a few flat irons in my day). They are a little spendy, but you can save some $ by going through ****** and getting it through folica.com.
  7. I have a large barrel revlon ceramic curling iron which I've used as an alternative to a flat iron but i'm about ready to plunk down for a GHD after seeing ichelle's and amanda's amazing results!! Especially with rains coming here...my hair is a human barometer and frizzes at the drop of a hat.
  8. I've owned a CHI for the past three years and love it, love it, love it! It not only straightens my hair, but it looks silky soft. I bought mine on eBay for $80. I think it typically runs anywhere from $120 to $150.
  9. I have to agree with the girls that own a Sedu :}
  10. Thanks for the responses, girls! I do have major trouble with my hair poofing back out only minutes after straightening it. My hair is thick and course so I really need something that'll keep it smooth all day long. I'll check out both Sedu AND GHD. I'm willing to plunk out the money for straighteners since they allow me to show my face in public every morning! Haha!
  11. GHDs are awesome! Pricey but definitely worth the money. You can also use it to curl your hair! :smile:
  12. i bought a Sedu from folica.com and I LOVE it.
    way worth the money i spent on it.
  13. GHD IV just arrived! I have the old GHD's and I love them! :smile:
  14. Oh, well. I guess I will live with my Chi. My hair is poker straight but it poofs a little near my face and I want it for that.
  15. I have used a CHI forever and I love it!!
    Hmmm..the other one sounds worth looking into as well......may have to try it