i'm looking for...

  1. a new bag for school to carry my books in.
    i want something nicer than my current tote from wilson's leather. i like it, but it's absolutely KILLING my back.
    i was thinking about a messenger bag style, but i'm not sure if that will work. (i'm, uh, well endowed...and the strap across the chest isn't exactly attractive).
    so...does anyone know of a style that would look attractive and not kill my back? i'd love to have another coach, but i'm just not sure what to look for. the only thing i see on the site currently that might work is the legacy shoulder tote, but that's a bit out of my price range right now ($300-400 would probably be feasible).
    so, anyone have ideas and can help me search ebay (or specific styles to watch out for?)
    thanks so much. :smile:
  2. What about the carryall or business tote?
  3. Do you have a Coach outlet near you? Some of their stuff is different from the online store and there may be totes at the outlet around your price range.
  4. I have the same problem regarding the chest area. If I'm carrying a heavy load I use my messenger from the outlet. Otherwise I use my hamptons business tote.
    Photo 36.jpg Photo 73.jpg
  5. i'm pretty sure the tote would be out. it's really gorgeous, but just not practical.
    i saw that first one on ebay, but wasn't sure about sizes (i'm awful when it comes to stuff like that). do you think it would easily hold a few textbooks/binders/notebooks without killing my neck/back?
    (i know i've to seem like such a loser...so i do apologize)
  6. Don't know how many books you need to carry, but the Connor Brief bag ($498.00) is beautiful. And could make the transation into the working world. Good Luck!
  7. I carry my laptop, planner, leather notebook, power cord, cables, a few files, and misc other small items. Many times there's a water bottle in there too. And I can usually still put my purse in as well if its small enough. The only time I switch to the messenger is if I'm going to be on a plane and want to add some magazines to my stuff as well since they add a lot of weight.
  8. I had bought the messenger for school... but once I put my books into it and put it on... I HATED it. The shoulder strap didn't have enough support for the weight of the books. I returned it and got the Hampton's Weekend Tote. The price was MUCH better for the tote than for the messenger and I haven't had a problem with it yet. I also ended up refusing to carry all of my books to class... that's just silly.
  9. may sound like an SA

    but right now the best you can do with a coach purse, around that price is...the signature carryall, mid size, for about 300+. the big ol' totes, which would be ideal in signature starts at 398, and the bigger size is 498.

    depending on your books i have seen college students (i am one of course!) use the bucket bag, that comes in signature for 328 and pebble for 348.

    otherwise, price wise you might want to just check out the outlets. they have this BIG suede (dark color) with leather trim tote that i've been eyeing myself. and they'll also have leather totes in book tote size or lunch tote, whatever they call it.
  10. i have the carryall in medium...and there's no way that style would work. (i don't know how to explain it...it's too hard? whereas something without leather isn't? does that make sense?)
    and it's not that i don't have the money (god bless credit cards)...but i change bags like that so much, that i would hate to spend that much. i mean, if i absolutely fell in love with a bag and it was perfect, i'd buy it. but i'd rather save my money, if at all humanly possible.
    ooh. what about the signature stripe travel tote? i missed that one on the site. maybe?
  11. I had looked at those and found them a little small... here is something similar to what I got... eBay: COACH LIME GREEN WEEKEND HAMPTONS LARGE TOTE # 5071 (item 130024228084 end time Sep-12-06 19:54:28 PDT) I love it