im looking for...

  1. Hello! I'm from Spain and i've just found your forum! Very nice!
    I have a question and i guess that you all can give me and answer.
    I love Meredith Gray bag, she wears it in almost all capitles and i may to know what is the brand of it and how i can find it, i really love it.
    i hope that you can understand me
    thanks from spain!
  2. Hi and Welcome, huesquica! :welcome:

    I'm afraid I can't really be of help, as I've never heard of a Meredith Gray bag, but hopefully, someone will be able to help you soon! :biggrin:
  3. I think huesquica may mean "Meredith Gray" of Gray's Anatomy. I think....
  4. ^ Ahhh! HeHeHe! :lol:

    Thanks for the clarification. I don't watch the show, so I didn't make the connection! :blink:
  5. And, I believe I misspelled "Grey". And, I really don't know the bag, though. But I'll watch for it. Love Grey's Anatomy. It's addicting!!
  6. ^I agree...does anyone have a picture of the bag?
  7. thanks for the answers and sorry for the spelling! Im going to find a picture but... how can i show you?? Can I here in the forum?? Thank you very much! really! Thanks thanks thanks!
  8. Oh! And yes! Its Meredith Grey og the tv show!
  9. Does she wear it a lot on the show? Or do you see many pictures of her wearing the bag you like?
  10. Is it her canvas bag? Kind of like the boat bag from LL Bean, but with leather handles?
  11. I don't watch TV, but I found this pic doing a google search. Is this it?
  12. Yes!!!!! Like this one!!! Yes yes yes!!!! I'm absolutly happy because anybody knows it! Here in spain not a lot of people watch the show!
    Its that, where can i find it??? Or how can I call it?
    Thank u veeeeery veeeery much... from heart! If i can help u in something...
    I've never seen something like that where everybody helps everybode... its awesome.
    Sinceryly thanks again! And thanks for Pippi too but is not that.
  13. Finally I can find two pictures of the purse, isnt very clear so... is the most that I can get, sorry...