I'm looking for this black medium hobo, Help!

  1. I'm looking for this hobo that I saw in Harrod's- it was on sale for like 649GBP, and thought it was too expensive. Since then I can't seem to locate it- I was wanting to get it as a gift. I had a search done for Saks and BG and called an MJ store- so far no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. I haven't seen it in black. Only in white. Have you checked elux or NM? They used to have it in white.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion! I just checked eluxury and no luck, but they did have new markdowns on some of their mj stuff.

    BG and MJ still have it in white, but my aunt really liked the black.
  4. i thought i saw one on the bloomingdale's website
  5. Jennifer, I remember seeing it at Bloomingdale's Newport Beach, California (Fashion Island); I haven't been there recently so I'm not sure if it's still available though. Good luck. =)
  6. ^ Abaglover, you rock! =)
  7. Ha ha ...you're so funny, bag.lover!! I'm in the zone :supacool: , LOL!

    You might be wondering why I'm still visiting the Saks.com site since my taupe stam fiasco. Well, they sent me a $100 gift card as an apology and I held on to that card for a few months wondering what the heck I was going to do with it. So I finally gave them one more shot and bought a Juicy Couture tote that was $75 more than the $100 gift card. Well, they sent me that tote wrapped so prettily and it was in such pristine condition that I feel like I can shop there again. I guess I just have to be careful if they tell me my item is not in stock and they call around to the stores and say they'll send me something directly from the store, then I will remember to say, "No, thank you!!"
  8. Yup, I was surprised. =)
    We have the same taste in bags; I like some of JC's stuffs, very cute & feminine. =) Which color did you get?

    When you have a chance, would you please update your collection in your showcase thread. I totally drool when I look at your bags, the colors (especially pink & purple) & styles are just TDF. My favorite's Pink Venetia ^_^, the color is soooo pretty. Can I be your bag sister? LOL.

  9. I'll keep this short so I won't risk hijacking this thread from joeyjimmy (sorry, joeyjimmy :shame: !). Of course we can be bag sisters, bag.lover!! I don't have a sister so that would be really great!! At your suggestion, I did update my collection. I got the JC daydreamer in crystal/stranger from saks.com and the Morea totes from eLuxury.com.
  10. I saw this bag at the Saks in San Diego--I believe it was the large version. You should give them a call.... The number is 619.260.0030. Or if you want to buy the bag online, you can use the code "SHOPJULY" for 10% off. I think the coupon still works...
  11. elux has the larger one on sale now for $650.
    eLUXURY - Marc Jacobs Collection - Soft Calf Large East/West Hobo

  12. You guys are so sweet to be helping me. I called Bloomingdales bag.lover- too bad- the bag's not there any more and wickedassin thanks for thinking about me, but Saks was out too. Thanks abaglover- I appreciate the links but I think she wants the black and in the medium size. Grace- Wow, thanks for the link! I put the sale handbag in my cart and was about to check out when I had second thoughts about the large. I've never seen my aunt carry such a big bag and this was going to be a surprise. I'm still struggling with this decision, but I think I made the right one..... I so appreciate all the help, tPFers are the greatest!!!!!
  13. I have not seen one of those bags in person, but it looks so pretty. I love all MJ bags!!! That is going to make an awesome gift!