i'm looking for some STOCK photos...can anyone help me? :)

  1. i need some stock photos of items i currently own. some of them i cannot get because eluxury no longer has it in stock, or never had it in stock, and i can't screen capture on this computer so i can't get pictures of my mirage speedy :sad: maybe some of you have stock images of these items? please post if you do! i think from now on i will save the images as i add them to my wishlist or buy them...

    i am looking for pictures of:

    monogram perforated pochette in FUSCHIA
    monorgam denim pleaty in LICHEN (green denim)
    monogram mirage bordeaux speedy (it's on vuitton.com but i can't screen cap it)
    monogram vavin pm
    monogram vernis marshmallow reade pm
    monogram vernis marshmallow 3-coil bracelet
    damier trousse make-up pouch
    monogram vernis envelope pouch in pomme d'amour
    black multicolor audra
    amarante sunset blvd
    monogram miroir silver pochette

    ...i think that's all i need. if anyone has stock photos of these items please post what you have. otherwise i'm afraid professional pics of my items are long gone :cry: lol.
  2. try looking in the LE subforum. i believe there are some stock photos for some of your items.
  3. ^^^ thanks ;)
  4. only a couple pieces there. if anyone has any pics please don't hesitate to post :biggrin:
  5. I could only find 4 from your list, sorry.

    Hope you find the rest! :flowers:

    Amarante Sunset Blvd

    Black Multicolor Audra

    Monogram Vavin PM

    Monogram Mirage Bordeaux Speedy
  6. thanks everyone :smile: from those i needed the audra and the vavin. nice!!!

    if anyone sees any others please let me know :smile:
  7. [​IMG]
  8. [​IMG]
  9. [​IMG]
  10. [​IMG]
  11. sorry pics are not all you wanted, could only find an orange perfo pochette and marshmallow is really hard to find pics of :smile:
  12. nice thanks!!!! i'm looking just for the stock ones though. there's 3 good ones you posted i can take, and tweak the orange pochette to make it fuschia :smile: but i do have the 3-coil bracelet and the reade pm...i'd take reg pics if i needed them, but i'm looking for the stock photos. thanks so much for your help! :smile:
  13. i think all i need now are the two marshmallow pieces and the lichen denim pleaty ;)
  14. found the pleaty :biggrin: