I'm looking for some advice!

  1. Hey all,
    I'm looking for some helpful advice when it comes to Louis Vuitton.
    So far, I've been a big marc jacobs + Marc by marc jacobs fan.
    but I've been lusting after a speedy for the past couple of years. And with my tax return + 21st birthday coming up, I've been thinking about maybe getting one!

    I really like the Damier line (especially the Azur) but I would like a better understanding of the 25 vs 30.

    okay, so here are my questions:

    1. would any of you post pictures of yourselves wearing your speedy 25 or 30 so I could get a better idea of size? (I would look for this but I think the search has been disabled in the forums?)

    2. pros and cons of one vs the other?

    3. also everywhere I've looked online has been sold out of the speedy 30 in azur...do you think they'll restock anytime soon?

    4. also, what are your thoughts on azur vs just the regular damier canvas?

    hopefully you all can help me!
  2. I can answer #4 on your list. I have both--damier 30 and damier azur 30. I definitely use the reg. damier more often. I carry the azur mostly in the summer. Ironically, I'm trying to sell both of them right now. Only because I'm downsizing and I'm keeping only 2 lv's. I have completely thrown that reg. damier around and it still looks brand new. It's the bag I've used most in my entire collection. The azur is so beautiful, though. But I don't really like to carry it when it's cold. It just seems to have a beachy feel to it. I have gotten the most compliments on my azur.
  3. I'm definitely worried that the azur is such a spring looking bag but I think it's so pretty!
  4. I prefer azur... with it's light colors you will be able to match virtually ANYTHING that you wear... and with the regular damier, i think that it is too dark... and with spring and summer around the corner, why limit yourself to a bag that you would have to wait a year to carry?

    you could always get both :tup:
  5. I am sure once the price increase goes into effect next week we will see more stock in the stores
  6. Damier in Ebene 30. You can use it all year long. If it starts raining when you are out you don't have to worry about the vachetta. I have a Mirage Speedy and I love that I don's have to worry about the handles.
  7. azur is difficult to keep clean, especially if you use it all the time. but it's just so irresistible to keep in the closet. i think the online store will restock their most popular bags after the price increase.