I'm looking for GST in Pink

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm looking for a GST in pink or beige.. Anyone know where I can find it and what's the price for it? I'm planning to charge ship to me in Singapore. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. i think the gst is $2125. the shipping rate varies from company to company. Nordstroms charges $40 and i think chanel charges $60?

    i dont know if there are any more pinks but i know the beiges are around. GL!
  3. I think the pink was a seasonal color from last year. They were on sale at NM or Saks last year during the December sales so I think you may be out of luck. Beige should still be around and I think I saw one at a Chanel boutique.
  4. My Saks had the beige with gold and silver hardware as of yesterday. My SA there is Delyse and her number is 248-515-1126. Theyy charge $35 for shipping internationally. Please tell her April referred you. She's there today but off Mon & Tues. I'd call soon, the beige was out and being looked at by several people while I was there.
  5. I think I just saw a pink on ebay...check it out!
  6. The SA at Bergdorf said she has the new pink available in both GST and PST.