I'm looking for cambon make up case which is on sale

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  1. may be in any color combination (I would imagine it's only pink and beige that are on sale).
    I've always been drooling over one of those. And with the talk of having additional markdowns at Saks, that makes me want one even more!
    Please advise if you know of any stores that carry them on sale! thanks in advance!
  2. Tysons Galleria NM had a few on display. They were all pink w/black combo, sorry, didn't look through prices.
  3. thanks pink bai2bi!! I'll give them a call tomorrow!!
  4. Try Saks at Boca 561-393-9100 Ask for Anette in handbags, she is wonderful to talk to.
  5. how much are they on sale? Anyone know?
  6. I would love to know what they look like. Anyone have a pic?
  7. My SA at NM in Short Hills just located a pink one for me yesterday for pre-sale. It will be 25% off the 30% I believe. Irina is her name.
  8. Thanks for the info!! Do you know what will be the final price then? thanks!
  9. yes yes exact sale price pls :smile:
  10. ^$204.00 without tax.
    my Saks has alot of chanel, gucci and prada bags left all marked down 70% from ORIGINAL prices.
  11. ]
    LV1011, could you tell us which saks is it, do they still have cambon? Thx :nuts: