I'm looking for an online shop that will ship to the Netherlands... HELP PLease!!

  1. Hi.

    I really want to order some make up (like chanel blue satin ect.) that is not yet for sale in europe, but I can't find an online shop that will ship to the netherlands.

    do any of you know an online shop that will ship to europe?

    thank you so much x
  2. no? can no one help?!

  3. For nail laquer, you could try eBay.
  4. eBay uk is the one that is closest, most of the stuff there ships to Holland. I wonder if Sephora ships there too?
  5. Sephora doesn't ship here :sad: and they don't sell Chanel make-up online do they?
  6. thanks everyone, but i really don't want to buy from eBay.
    I was hoping for an online store.
    I want to buy alot of make (incl. blue satin)..

    if anyone know of an online store that does ship to the netherlands please let me know!
  7. have you tried skins.nl?
    they are in amsterdam.
    they may have a recommendation for you.
    they are on
    Skins Cosmetic B.V.
    Runstraat 9
    if that helps.
  8. I'm having the same problem here!
    I wish Sephora would ship to the Netherlands.
  9. thanks everyone...
    I still haven't found a place that will ship to me...

    I want Blue Satin!!

    o well will just have to wait till feb....