I'm Looking For a White Dress For My Graduation!

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  1. Hi everyone :smile: I really hope that you could help me! I'm graduation this June and I'm looking for two white/light dresses. One for the graduation and one for the "party/get together" later on with family and friends.

    In Sweden, where I'm from, it's a tradition to wear white to the graduation (every country has different traditions) and we don't wear any coats over our clothes or anything so the dress will be in the "spotlight" all the time, haha. So I really need a good looking dress and I need your help!

    Post all the white dresses you can find here! Thank you :flowers:
  2. Is this high school, undergraduate, or graduate?
  3. cari my dear! I had to wear all white to my high school graduation..something about my going to a Catholic school and being pure and married to God etc etc, : P!

    Here's some white dresses! Are you going for elegant, conservative or fun, sexy party-ish? Or both? This would greatly help me find you a dress! Also, budget!

    HL Cocktail bandage dress

    291 One Shoulder Mini

    Shoshanna Ruffle Cami

    Ports 1961 dress

    DVF Lace Dress

    Geren Ford Rope Gown

    Alice and Olivia Origami Dress

    YFB Savannah Dress

    Leyendecker Dress
  4. ^out of all the ones I found, I think the most appropriate would be the "ports 1961", the "Geren Ford", the "Alice and Olivia" and the "Leyendecker"
  5. Well I think you could call it "high school", we don't have the same system here :P But when you graduate you'll be 18 or 19 years old, so I guess it's the same thing :smile:

  6. You're too sweet Panda, thank you so so much :hugs: All the dresses are absolutely gorgeous! The ones I like the most are the "Herve Leger" tight dress, although I think my grandfather would have a small (read huge) heart attack if I wore that one :P Then I love the pretty "Shoshanna" dress, the "DVF" dress, the "Geren Ford" one and the "Alice and Olivia" :biggrin: I think the "Ports 1961" is stunning, but I bit too up tight for this..

    Panda you're my angel, thank you for all the tips :yahoo:
  7. I just want to say...you're lucky to have your grandparents with you!

    OK, here's two:


    Also, check out JCrew. They have several lovely, basic white (and other colored) dresses that would probably fit the bill.
  8. Yes I am, and I love them dearly :smile:

    Thank you so much for the suggestions! The last one is stunning!
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  10. This Tibi one would be cute though..
  11. You might want to wait a few months to look. Most stores don't put out white dresses until closer to spring/summer maybe around april/may. I think you'll find the most selection then.