I'm looking for a very organized wallet....

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  1. I love Tignanello wallets! The leather is so soft and I love the organization. Have you checked TJMaxx for them? I have seen them in there before for around $30.00.
    Other than that, I do not have any suggestions. I use a Coach Madison checkbook wallet. I like it for now anyways:P, but I change them quite often!
  2. #17 Jul 7, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2009
    Great! They are nice quality, leather lined. I only like wallets that are leather-lined

    I hope you find one that works for you.

    Don't know if they still have it - I bought a cute small wallet for going out at night with a small purse, it is quilted like the Ch***l brand, ;). It is so cute - in gold
  3. Hobo International makes the absolute best organized wallet in the world. The Lauren.

    Two kiss-lock compartments, one large zip pocket, plus id window and credit card slots.

    I own three of these and they are a wonder of organization.


    As an added bonus, they come in the yummiest colors imaginable.:biggrin:
  4. I have this Marc by Marc Jacobs zip around wallet, and it is the most organized wallet I've ever owned. They retail for $200-250, but you can often find them on sale.

  5. I really love Rebecca Minkoff's Paper&Plastic wallet.

    I recently got rid of my Coach checkbook wallet in favor of the one mentioned above, but that was a great one with tons of small pockets.