I'm looking for a very organized wallet....

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  1. Right now I have a Tignanello wallet that they don't make anymore. It's about 4 yrs old, red leather. It has tons of pockets. It's a flap style wallet, which I prefer to the zip around, because I like to open it all the way to see all my cards. It has an internal zip that has *3* sections inside, one for paper money, one for silver coin, and one I use just for pennies.

    I can't seem to find another wallet that comes close to the organization this one has. Can anyone suggest another wallet for me? Doesn't have to be designer, but it does have to be leather, and under 150.00 (preferably under 100).

  2. If you have a Nordstrom, check out their house brand wallets. I have two of them and they are wonderfully organized. The only one on their website right now is a "slim" wallet with only 8 pockets -- mine have a bunch more than that. Maybe they will be getting something for the Anniversary sale in two weeks.

    Brighton has nice wallets with a lot of slots but they tend to be expensive.
  3. I would recommend the Hayden Harnett Clutch wallet. It is excellent! It has more pockets/holds more than any other wallet that I have owned. I would check out their regular sales, or look on Bonanzle or ebay.
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    Go to BCBG store or Macys ( no online available) ... great BCBGMaxazaria wallet leather , white or beige color very organized an sale right now around 70$ plus tax , you can find there also matching bag 30% off regular price .... my wish list wallet : Mahina Amelia LV in gray...
  5. Tusk brand has some nice wallets. They seem to specialize in wallets. Don't have the URL handy but Google or give Tusk.com a try :smile:
  6. Hayden Harnett Clutch wallet :yes:. i've seen price $120 for a new one from HH.com with the newer version that has turn down clasp
  7. ITA! This is a seriously excellent wallet...and while I haven't tried it, the Tano Chicklit looks like a good buy as well -- just a bit more casual. Great colors!
  8. I would going to say I really like Kate Spade wallets but I'm not sure if you can find one for under 100, unless it's on sale.
  9. thanks for all the suggestions ladies! I will look into all the options.

    i appreciate your input :smile:
  10. so far I am loving the Tusk options! thanks again!
  11. It's not name brand, but this wallet seems to have all the characteristics of your old wallet. It's a flap leather wallet, with space for 15 cards, two open compartments (you can use for bills and coins) and then an additional accordion pocket for other coins.


    If you want something a little more fashionable, Hobo International has some multi-compartment choices: