I'm looking for a signature Carly with dark red handles - have you seen it?

  1. I'm not sure if "dark red" is the right description but
    I saw this bag here, somebody posted a picture 2 weeks ago and I went to Coach today and I was not able to find it! It's gone! The SA looked on the website, catalog, etc and no luck!
    Can you tell me if you've seen it?:confused1:
  2. I believe it's called the chili/khaki, but I'm not totally sure. Someone will definitely have an answer for you, though. :smile:
  3. this is the beet/khaki carly and is only available through calling jax. it will be available in stores at the end of september.
    BTW^^^ that bag doesn't look good to me..

    ETA: i asked seller for a copy of receipt earlier today and no reply yet.
  4. Yes! that is exactly it! I called my SA and she doesn't know anything about it. I hope someone has the style number. ;)
    Thanks girls!
  5. by the way, a long time ago I bought a bag online...and it was a fake one ;-(
    Never again!
  6. Mm, whoops, sorry I didn't check the Carly I posted, I just did a quick search on eBay. But if your SA doesn't know call the 1800 number. They would probably know.
  7. Call the number! I got the Beet trimmed Carlyi n medium and large! It's a PERFECT bag! Look at my avatar!

  8. Durr :push:. Sorry, I should have inspected it before posting the link. Don't buy this!
  9. No need to apologise, the seller deals in very "good" fakes, if there is such a thing. Unless you look at dozens of fake bags every day you might never spot the signs.
  10. So there is a difference between "beet" and "chili"? I wanted to preorder the kahki and chili..but I diddnt know they have a khaki and beet..whats the difference?
  11. Beet is a deper red, ALMOST a cranberry but not quite.
  12. is there even a khaki/ chili? i thought that the red was the beet....and the leather one is chili...
  13. I don't think there's a khaki/chili. I know that the red signature is beet and the leather is chili.