I'm looking for a premier Lanvin category

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  1. but cannot find. Does it exist here? Thank you.
  2. Forum? No, we don't have enough people talking about Lanvin to need a forum for it.
  3. Yet.

    It's sort of a chicken-v-egg conundrum, is it not? (Rhet.)
  4. perhaps. . . but people have asked and still no one is really starting enough threads to need a forum :shrugs:
  5. http://forum.purseblog.com/handbags-and-purses/lets-talk-lanvin-371101.html
    This is probably the most active thread - but for some reaons, the Lanvin devotees are just that - passionate about the brand. But there aren't enough of them.

    Goyard didn't get a forum until a couple of months ago.
    Judith Leiber, Kieselstien-Cord, Celine and and other premier designers have soem interest - but just don't have enough to keep a forum alive. But the conversations are fun when they are on the main board.
    And - you get an opportunity to share your love of a brand with a wider range of future afficianados.
  6. Hi Vintage Leather,

    Thank you for your thoughtful reply, which helps me to understand.
    [I saw all the posts for all the downscale brands and really didn't get it.]

    There is an incredible amount of breathtaking design development going
    on at Lanvin, and it's getting lots of traction.
    [Lanvin is even giving Chanel a run for its money!
    NOT to infuriate Chanel apassionatas, in any way!!!]

    Ergo, this seemed like a great place to give those who love Lanvin some voice.

    So, as a devotee, what should I do?
    • Actively post relevant information, comments, photographs, and questions?
    • Encourage other Lanvin collectionneurs passionnés to do the same?

    Thank you!