i'm looking for a paypal code....

  1. does anyone know where I can find one? TIA! :yes:
  2. Never ever seen one!
  3. PayPal is just a middle-man for internet transactions. They don't specifically sell anything themselves so there wouldn't be a code for you to use.
  4. There is a space for a code. Paypal also sometimes do promos with eBay that give money off codes
  5. Wiiierd
  6. Can't say I've ever got one but they did run a promo a couple of years ago for sellers to earn money back or some rubbish, it was all so convoluted and complicated hardly anyone got them
  7. I haven't seen an eBay code for use with paypal for at least a year and a half. It would be nice if they did them once in a while.
  8. They do have them from time to time as promos. However, I haven't seen one in a very long time. Sorry!
  9. and suually they are user specific.
  10. thanks to everybody that replied. I have some stuff to buy and you know how it is, I hate to leave blank a section if I can get a discount! So when I saw the place for a code on the paypal page--I thought I would ask
  11. :p My baaad
  12. Actually there IS a promo going on right now, some people have received the email about it. The email I received was late last night. Some got a 10% off email - I do not have the details on that. Others like me got an invitation for $10 cash back on $50 or more purchase. There is NO CODE though - mine says you have to use Buy It Now and use Paypal to pay before Feb 28th and that cash back of $10 will be credited to my Paypal account by the 28th of March.
  13. I have never had an offer from Paypal :sad:
  14. I've gotten emails from ebay to get money off when you pay troough paypal. The last one was on december 20 dlls off 100 dlls purchase I think.