im looking for a pair of flats

  1. hi guys, im looking for a pair of flats .. under $200, spring is comming up.. i was thinking of tory burch but i feel like they are already played out.. any suggestions? ( with pics please?)
  2. i agree with tory burch i have the lblack flats and they are jsut sooooo comfprtbale i love theem
  3. Are you looking for sandals or something more like ballet flats?
  4. i just came back from Nordstrom and got myself a pair of prada flats!!!! they are super cute but i want honest opinions if i should keep them or now .. im gonna go take pics right now and upload gimmie 5 min
  5. I think Delman makes the best flats. Lord & Taylor has some for $69! Orig price around $200.
  6. [​IMG]

  7. ^Those are cute! I also recommend London Sole if you are looking for ballet flats in a myriad of colors. They are usually around $120-160, but a few of the seasonal styles can go out to $200.

  8. the flash makes the shoe look more silver
    but its 100% goldish
  9. LOVE those Prada flats

    *on my way out the door to buy them*
  10. lol :heart:
    post pics when you do!
  11. The Prada flats look super comfy, but the style is a bit plain for me.
  12. any more opinions?
  13. Do not like the Prada strip across the front, makes them look like counterfeit copies.....sorry just MHO!
  14. they look extremely comfortable... good for everyday wear when u gotta walk

    they're cute too
  15. thanx:yahoo: