I'm looking for a new LV accessory...

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  1. Since I'm selling my whiskey paddington to have money for moving, I thought I'd use some of the profit to buy an LV accessory, at least to make myself feel better for having to sell such a beautiful bag :sad:

    My budget will be $350-ish. I was thinking of the white MC Wapity, or maybe a vernis cles? The perforated cles is kinda cute, too :shame: But, what exactly do you use the cles for? Kind of a stupid question, I know :lol: Is it like a keychain? I have 40932 keys, so I don't know if that would be practical.

    Do you guys think it would be difficult to track down a cerises pochette? I'd love to have one to use as a travel makeup case, or to use when I go out to a restaurant/bar and want to carry something small. Maybe the Wapity would be better for either of those uses?

    I'd love to hear some suggestions!

    Thanks :nuts:
  2. White MC wapity of course :smile: Its awsome!!
  3. Heh, how did I know you'd vote for the Wapity? :amuse: Let's say I wanted to fit my makeup in there. This is what I have - foundation, sponge, undereye concealer, three different eyeshadow compacts, liquid eyeliner, black pencil eyeliner, mascara. Will all of that fit? :shame: Maybe I should use it for carrying just the essentials, instead of for makeup? Keys, a CC, my driver's license, cash and lip balm? I was looking at the toiletries and cosmetic cases in the monogram canvas, but those are boring :P I want something fun.
  4. sorry you have to sell your paddy :sad: but congrats on your move! :smile:

    you *might* still be able to get a cerises pouchette. i ordered mine a week ago from 866 vuitton and i know some ladies have been able to get their hands on theirs in their local boutiques within the last week. it just takes some legwork. it is super cute and practical (i think! i'm still waiting for it!)...i can't figure out exactly what the cles is for. :smile: the wapity might be practical and fun too as a clutch or makeup bag...but i don't care for the shape. :smile: since i bought it, obviously my vote goes with the pouchette.
  5. Well its really kinda' cool. I has an extra little side slot on the inside, that is wher I put my little ones bandaids. As for my makeup thats in it, I have my powder compact, 2 lipglosses, lip liner, tweezers, chapstick, and a victorias secret little mint box. Maybe that can give you a little better idea of the size. It would be really cool for a night out to if you just want to take like, cash, CCs, and some makeup. It would carry that just fine. I usually have a hard time deciding to keep something after I buy it. But for me this one is a real keeper. Let us know what your final choice is.
  6. Thanks for your input! :nuts: I was thinking of going to LV sometime this week, depending on if the sale of the paddy happens, and looking at the wapity and also asking about the cerises pochette. Does the strap come off the pochette, so I'd be able to use it as a makeup case sometimes, and then I could just put the shoulder strap back on to use it when I go out?

    Ranskimmie - That does help! Thank you :nuts: Sounds like we carry a similar amount of makeup and beauty stuff :P I have a black metal train case at home with the rest of my face gunk in it, but I take a travel size case with me in my gym bag, so I don't have to lug the train case around.
  7. hey cristina

    i think you should go for a pochette!!! i'm really wanting one of these too at the moment... can't wait til May rolls around... anyway... i think you'll fit way more in a pochette!!! And if you have that many keys, i dont think wapity can handle that many!!!

    good luck on what you decide... and congrats on the move! and i'm really sorry about your paddington!

  8. I say go for the pochette while you still can. Call 866-Vuitton and see if they can track one down for you. I know when I bought mine in Feb. there were still 10 of them in San Diego.
  9. My keychain is quite embarrassing :shame: I have a Roxy keychain, my car door opener and key, which is huge, PetSmart and grocery store discount card, keys for my house, mom's, dad's and grandparent's, mom's car key, and a couple of others which are for something, but I forgot what :lol: Phew!

    Thanks for the help, everyone! I think the cerises pochette is so cute, and since I won't be able to afford a Speedy anytime soon, since there are other bags I want more, I think the pochette could be a nice addition to my LV collection :amuse: Is the price $355? I thought it was somewhere around there...
  10. I think you should get the cerises pochette, but to answer one of your original questions, you can use a cles as a keychain or you can clip it to a ring inside a larger bag. Then you can stick coins, maybe a small amount of cash (I think a credit card would fit too...not sure though, since I haven't put anything in mine yet), or keys in it.
  11. Thank you :biggrin: Hmm, the vernis cles is super cute, but I'd rather get something larger. I use my keys so much and I'm not very careful with them :shame: I know if I had a cles hanging from them, it would get beat up pretty quickly.
  12. That's quite a lot of keys, I don't think the cles would be very good for that, I would definitely go for a pochette or a wapity instead. Most people seem to use the cles as a card holder, I've always pictured (and used) it as a coin holder. The cerises pochette was 355$ retail in stores, but I've seen it go for like 100$ less on eBay, that may be a way to save some money (and get a cles !).

    Also, if you have an ipod nano, they fit perfectly into the cles !
  13. i paid $355 plus $10 shipping (no tax because i live in oregon)

    i hope you can find one! they are so cute!
  14. Decisions, decisions...

    The cles (actually called clefs) is used as a keychain...i have it in damier and mono...basically i keep my work security card in it, and maybe some cash, and attach it to my keys. For grocery shopping I throw my debit/credit/sams club card in it and it's easy and hand free.

    I love my cerises pochette...it seriously is one of my favorite LV purchases...It's great for organzining stuff. For school I use it to keep my wallet, epi pocket organizer, calculator, phone & sidekick and throw it in my school bag. I basically do the same thing inside my purses, it's great when I don't feel like carrying my bag, and just want to run in and out w/o carrying my bag.

    I said this in another thread, but the Wapity is more of a preference thing...I had it, sold it, and still think it's a cute item, but not very useful for me. I used it as iPod mini case (iPod mini, earplugs, USB cord). It's great, but not very compact.

    What about a Perforated Plate? Ayla said it was a bit bigger than a clefs, so you might want to look at that.