Im looking for a LV klara bag

  1. Please don't post that here. NO selling, buying or trading here.
  2. ^^^I saw that auction and almost bought it!!!:shame: I think my sane side of the brain (the smallest one) stopped me!!!:lol:
  3. OMG it's already been discontinued?!?! :amazed:

    the last time i spoke to them they said it would last until july :sad:

    i've wanted that bag for sooo long, but could never decide whether to really get it or not, and now it's gone :cry:
  4. it is a great bag.
  5. Sooory you must not know how it feels to want a LV bag and cant get it. Some people own so many bags that they dont even use I thought maybe some one like that would be able to help out no bad intention.
  6. I know the feeling
  7. I hope you find one. I love mine. I decided to buy the Klara back in February b/c the Sales Associate told me they were not making anymore.
  8. That's a beautiful bag! And that auction seems like a good deal too!
  9. lucky girl
  10. I received mine as a birthday gift (in Dec) and it was the last mono vienna Klara in Aus. I LOVED this range:heart:
  11. I want the vienna Klara...I have the mono mizi but is too scared to tkae it out..
  12. I had the mono Klara & exchanged it. It didn't fit under my arm right, and the strap doesn't work right for hand held. Here are some pics of it.
    Klara1.jpg Klara.jpg
  13. oh my kathyD I wish I had met you sooner.
  14. it has nothing to do w/ me and EVERYTHING to do w/ the same rules EVERYONE else here is following ;)

    People here love to help, they just can't sell/trade or buy to/from you here, it's the OWNER's rule, not mine.
    You're welcome to PM either Megs or Vlad if you dislike their rules.
    Hope you find your bag.:yes:
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