i'm looking for a gift for my BF,help me please

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  1. i'm thinking of bouying him either a ty or something to put cards in. I could use a little help with something nice to put cards in. He doesn't like monogram évery other line is ok. Please help
  2. get something from the Taiga line. the leather is exquisite :love:!
  3. If you can find it on ebay I'd get the Glace- so gorgeous! It does have the mono, albeit much more subtle. The Damier is great too
  4. I bought my boyfriend the card holder in Damier about a year ago. He has used it everyday since I gave it to him and it still looks like new. He loves it beacuse it's classic without screaming Louis Vuitton, and he gets a lot of compliments on it, too.
  5. Depends on how old is he?

    If he's still young and you want it to look more "sporty", then definitely get Damier.

    Otherwise, get something from Taiga line.

    A friend of mine has a blue Epi wallet too. It looks great and different compared to other men wallets.

    Personally, I like something small and compact. That's the main thing for me.

    Hope this helps, and happy shopping.
  6. The card holder is a great way to go...
  7. Cardholder or a wallet. I know though that guys can be very picky about wallets.
  8. How about a key holder or key chain??

    My BF loves my Groom items, so I'm getting him the Groom blue leather key chain for X'mas :love: ....
  9. A card holder or a wallet in Damier or Taiga. I also :heart: the tie mix monogram
  10. I like the card holder.