I'm looking for a Daphne!

  1. If anyone has seen the all leather Daphne Satchel in winter white at the outlets please let me know. Secondly, can i have a bag transfered from an outlet to a regular coach store? The nearest outlet is 3 hrs from me.
  2. no i dont think thats possible. i never heard of an outlet sending a purse back to the actual store lol. but the only daphnes i saw were the nylon, but ill keep an eye out.
  3. there are all white Daphnes in Gilroy but I'm not sure if they are leather, and there are all leather Daphnes at Westfield Macys but I'm not sure if they are white...sorry!
  4. aarti I dont think they made the Daphne in nylon. Just leather or suede.
  5. Thanks for the tips ladies!!

    where is gilroy? Is that the name of a mall or town? How can i find the phone # to that store?

    TIA!! :flowers:
  6. The most recent season there were canvas Daphnes, I think that's what she was referring to.
  7. The lancaster pa outlet had some white canvas daphne's last sunday when I was there.
  8. oh lol sorry, yes the canvas. :smile:
  9. it is a town and outlet in CA

    here is the number
    Coach (408) 846-8255
  10. ^^^ thank you so so so so much!!
  11. Oops, forgot about the canvas/leather trim Daphnes! I even posted a thread about one. .I mustve been tired, lol.