I'm looking for a cute white bag. Any suggestions? I know you have some!!

  1. I'm depending on you ladies to help me out! I'm looking for a white handbag to complete my collection (for now, hehe), for next PCE. I'm really liking the Hamptons Leather Small Hobo--11543, 218.00

    But I'm open to many other suggestions. I'm a small bag girl, so nothing big please. Also, if you can reference something in eBay that is cheap and authentic, I'll consider it! Thanks girlies!
  2. I would have said ali but since you only like small bags.. I like the one you posted, it is cute! :tup: If I see any others I will shoot them your way! :tup:
  3. Does it have to be a shoulder bag or can it be a pouch or satchel other type ?
  4. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, no satchels (too big) or pouches (too small). Thanks for bringing that up!

    And also, I'm looking for all white, so no brown/gray, whatever other color on it. Just solid white!! Hardware doesn't matter...brass or nickel is fine!
  5. white ergo hobo...
  6. I already have two Ergo's so I want to try something different. LOVE me some Ergo though!
  7. I just ordered an 07' Whiskey Legacy Shoulder Bag and there is the same style in White from the seller I bought from on eBay and I really love the white. I think you should get that!
  8. link?
  9. Yes, a legacy shoulder from 06' or 07' would be good.. or what about a soho flap? :shrugs:
  10. last summer i got a large soho hobo at the outlet. it's white w/ a saddle strap. i love it but it's kind of big for what you're looking for. hmmmmm....i'm thinking....!
  11. This one is cute - the Hamptons Leather Small Flap.