I'm looking for a Checkbook Cover!

  1. My current wallet is more of a coinpurse wristlet so I am looking for an adorable checkbook holder to hold my checkbook and I was wondering if you knew of any. I just started looking and I have no idea what I want but I do know a boring solid color cover just won't do! Thanks so much!
  2. Holy crap that looks more like art then a cover! I might just get that, sooo pretty! What fun! Thanks!
  3. LV Damier pocket agenda, its actually a checkbook holder.-195.00-love it-use as clutch when just need a wallet, running errands.
  4. I have a beautiful LV red epi leather checkbook holder.
    The color is TDF, it helps me not get so depressed when I write out all my checks.....
  5. lv makes real pretty ones