I'm looking for a chanel tote for college?

  1. Hey everyone! OMG my first post ever........nerve wracking much!

    I'm looking for a chanel tote for college and I was just wondering if anybody could suggest which one would be most appropriate?

    I want it to be quilted and black if possible? I was looking at the cambon range (Could not decide between patent black CC or white CC - opinions anyone?) but am worried it could be a little small?
  2. Cambon collection is a little delicate. I would suggest going for the caviar leather. It is strong, looks great and holds up well.
  3. You could try the GST very hardy!
  4. Hmmm...well personally I love the cambon tote. I used to have the black with white C's and it held up great! I used mine for months at a time. I took it to Chanel to get the free cleaning within the first year I owned the bag and the SA told me it looked brand new. As far as Chanel, it's also one of the less expensive bags. I'd go for the black with black patent C's:smile:
  5. another tote that might be good for college is PB tote. It's pretty big, can accomodate a laptop...
  6. The GST is more durable than the Cambon. I don't think the Cambon ligne could fit many textbooks (unless you're just filling it with notebooks).

    I'm 95% sure I'm getting the Chanel luxe tote in black patent as one of my interchangeable school bags. I have to go see how big it is IRL.
  7. Thank you so much for all your help guys! I'm so torn........totally hate decisons! I really want a quilted one, so the luxe tote is out i'm afraid!

    The PB is nice but not as quilited as i'd like! I really want one like Marissa form the OC used to carry? Does anybody know the exact model?

    Or I was thinking this one could be good.....opinions would be soooooo appreciated!

  8. i think it's too small for college. I agree PB would be best.
  9. ^^^^ohhhh, i love the vintage ligne tote! that is a good one. Or the cotton club
  10. Ok so so far i've narrowed it down to these 4 - took forever and a half :smile: Most indecisive person ever here!

    Opinions are love! :smile:






    Except in black!

  11. [​IMG]

    I love this bag!
    How would it hold up as a daily carrier? Is the leather super soft and show wear so I'd have to be super careful, or is it a little more durable than what I may be thinking.
    Its beautiful!
  12. what's your budget? i don't think #1 is very affordable... the croc paris b. bag is ridiculously expensive. the regular paris b. ones are pretty good for school. they fit a lot and are very durable. they're also made of canvas, so i personally wouldn't worry too much about putting it on dirty lecture hall floors.

    #2 is probably too small for a school bag. i don't think you could really fit any textbooks or notebooks in it.

    #3 is nice, you could probably fit a lot in it. however, i would worry a lot about the leather getting damaged or dirty.
  13. Basically I left out some pics so here are my 4 choices!

    And again - opinions are love!







  14. Woah!!! No. 1 is going to set you back by over US$30,000 (and i think that's a low estimate? this looks like the extra large PB croc tote so it might cost even more?!) so perhaps it may not be the best choice for a college bag?

    i personally love No. 2 the best (that's the cloudy bundle tote) but i'm not sure if it's large enough to fit textbooks and the like?

    How about considering a Grand Shopper Tote (GST)? Its large, it comes in black, is caviar (so very durable and college-lifestyle friendly) and also has the quilted pattern on it!