I'm looking for a Chanel but no more than $1500. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. I'm looking for a Chanel but no more than $1500. Does anyone have any suggestions? If you can please list the names of the bags, thanks
  2. Kind of depends what you want.
    You can get a wallet-on-chain for somewhere around $1500 or an ice cube clutch which is $1195 or ice cube flap which is I think $1600...but it is not at all classic chanel...also, I believe the Chanel LA bag is around $1495. Those are all I'm really familiar with. Good luck..
  3. Ebay or consignement for the the classics. Or find a great rewards program or ECG event...
  4. Agree with kara about the wallet on a chain. It's $1350. I think this particular style is in the timeless classic collection. Another one that I can think of is the Melrose jersey flap. It's approx. $1475-1495..not sure. There is a photo from Jag's SA.
  5. How about the petite shopping tote ? Isnt it around that price?
  6. The PST (the smaller/ open top version) is 1350.00. I have it in beige and love it. I think it is a great bag and can be used everyday.
  7. Melrose Flap, Melrose satin coco cabas, LA bag, Jersey flap
  8. Pst !!
  9. The wallet on chain is an amazing bag
    I would definitely recommend it
  10. Wallet on a chain is super cute, I am waiting for it to come out in more colours with with the quilt design not the new one.
  11. i guess PST, paris biaritz (not sure on the spelling :Push:smile: in small/medium retail under $1500
  12. how bout biarritz?
  13. or a timeless clutch?
  14. I'm going with a PST, it seems like you'd get a little more bang for your buck vs. some of the other choices. It's a relatively good size, and can be worn more casually. The wallet on chain is also a good choice, because it's gorgeous, but on the smaller side.
  15. Pst!