I'm looking for a castor paddy

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  1. and saw the post about them being on sale at Sabine's. Is there some debate as to whether or not they are authentic?

    Does anyone have castor? How is the leather?
    THanks, Carolyn
  2. Sabinesboutique is definitley authentic. I have purchased from her before.....She is a super nice lady and gives excellent service.
  3. This really needs to be posted in the Authenticate This Chloe thread, but I will leave it open in the Chloe Shopping Subforum.
  4. I bought the orange from her!! :yahoo: She gives PF members $25.00 off:smile: Tell her you are a member!!! My orange paddy was perfect, gorgeous, and wrapped beautifully! :p Sabine, totally legitimate, is a very lovely lady! Buy with confidence!!! :wlae: PS: If you miss that one, roz77772002, on eBay, can probably find it for you! She's a "miracle worker" on finding just about anything!
  5. The castor is a gorgeous colour - good luck on your hunt
  6. That e
  7. That eBay link by the way is not castor!


    Castor is of the red family

  8. Thanks, Thats good to know:yes:. I'm not familiar with all the names for the different colors and the item description said castor
  9. Thanks ladies. I ordered from Sabine's. I hope I love the color.