I'm lookin' for this mysterious bag!

  1. I know bakuhatsu has posted about this before


    but I'm wondering is there a bag that's between the Hudson, bowler and Trish? I saw MJ bag behind the glass on Bloomingdales (I don't know why I didn't ask the SA :Push:smile: and it looked like a Hudson but smaller and my first reaction that it looked like a Trish cause it has a leather strap for the shoulder but it's definitely looked square-ish. Any idea what this bag is?

    And, where can I find a Trish below retail if I decide to go with Trish? I can't find any single Trish on ebay that's not fake!

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. i think that's the slouchy tote! i'll see if i can find pix...
  3. I heard Trish bags sold out quickly because Lindsey Lohan was seen carrying one... now isn't that crazy???
  4. haha..:roflmfao:. Now what's the different between the strip bowler and strip zip bowler? Any of you have a pic of the strip bowler? Does both of them have a detachable strap?
  5. You're right! I went back to Bloomies today and it is called slouchy tote! Oh, I'm fallin' in love :love:. I'm definitely gonna get that over Stella. Now the question, where can I find that bag below retail price?

    Pls post a pic superfriday, I would love to have one to see it all the time!!:nuts:

    Which one is bigger, Trish or Slouchy Tote?
  6. All my local stores (Nordstrom, Bloomies, NM, Saks) still have Trish. Bloomingdale's Friends & Family Event (20% off) is around mid-November. If you want the leather lining, you have to get it from Marc Jacobs stores.
  7. ^ Saks Friends & Family Event (usually 20% off) is coming up too. =)
  8. hmm, not sure which is bigger, tho i'd guess the trish is? i didn't dissect the ST like i did the others. :smile: as for the detachable strap, the zip bowler doesn't have one, only the trish and slouchy tote if i remember correctly. i saw a couple of STs on ebay this am--didn't look closely at 'em tho.

    i shall post pix of my zip bowler as soon as it arrives! altho it'll look just like alioops.:blush:
  9. ^^^^I really like the Slouchy tote and this eBay seller's bags appear to be authentic (though the bag actually came in 4 color combinations and not 3 as stated in the auction--chili, chestnut, brown and black). I'd say the Slouchy tote is a bit larger than the Trish (it's hard to tell because the shapes are very different) yet it's a definitely lighter weight, probably because it doesn't have a zipper. I spent at least a half hour at the MJ store debating between these two bags but came home empty handed. Seeing the auction pics makes me want this bag all over again!

  10. Yes! Yes! That's the bag! I'm a little bit hysterical right now everytime I see a pic of the Slouchy Tote. It's so beautiful. I want the one with the dark brown color with the khaki strips. IRL that bag is amazing! :drool: I'm like drooling all over right now. Unfortunately, my financial situation says otherwise :sad:. I can wait until the F&F sales and see if I have enough money til then. I think for this bag I would pay retail price if I miss the sales. I still can't decide which one I really like better the Trish or the ST.

    Does anyone have the Trish? I would like to see a pic when it is used with the strap. I want to see how long it is.
  11. I'm right there with ya, wish I had more money for all the glorious bags out there. If you do F&F, try an out of state Saks or Bloomies, they won't charge you tax on the bag, only shipping.
  12. one thing about the trish? HEAVY. hudson heavy... (but also huge, so that's nice.):angel:
  13. anyone has pics of the Trish?

    superfriday, how heavy it is relatively to Stam?
  14. sadly i can't speak to the stam Q bc i'm not familiar with 'em at all but check out the trish on eluxury.com bc there's a photo of the mannequin holding one and it'll help you out with size. ps my ZB just arrived. i'm afraid to open it and i have no idea why!
    :smile: sf