I'm Literally In Tears!! Please Help Me!!

  1. Hi everyone! Sorry mods if this is posted in the wrong forum. I'm sorry to bother all of you but I haven't stopped crying:cry: since this morning and I need to vent to the only people who understand! Okay here goes it:

    I posted an auction for my LV Cabas Piano before Christmas so I can buy gifts for my GodKids. I buy the gifts with the money the day she pays for the item. The following day the buyer contacts me and says in a mean tone that the item is fake and that she already owns a Cabas Piano and that it's definitely fake in comparison. I assured her that it was auth and enclosed a letter with the bag saying if she is still in doubt to go to an authorized LV store and have it checked out. She then ignores the request and as soon as she receives the item, leaves me negative feedback (you can see in my feedback) and immediately files a dispute and left my Paypal account Negative $200!!! She writes me this on the dispute: "This item is a fake and you know it. I have a cabas piano of my own,which I did get from an authorized Louis Vuitton seller. You should be ashamed of yourself. Either you do this knowingly or you are just ignorant to what an authentic Louis Vuitton looks like. I will get my money back one way or another. You can count on this!!!"

    Can you all help me and let her know that it's authentic! She sent a auth request to MyPoupette today, but still left me feedback even before hearing a response from them!! I'm trying to tell her to go and have it checked out but she is non-responsive to the request! Any help is needed.

    no one is allowed to psot thier auctions or IDs here.
  2. Maybe the buyer decided they couldn't afford it and is trying to make it your problem instead of hers. This happens frequently.
  3. wow she is really ignorant ...What can I do to help??? Maybe if enough people post on here you can send her the link? anywayy the bag looks 100% auth =)
  4. Yes, that was the first thing that came to mind but since she contacted MyPoupette I ruled that out. I just don't get it :sad:

    I was just thinking maybe some people can write her through eBay (since her ignorance is shown in the feedback she left me) to let her know that it is authentic. I don't know if that is harassment, but at this point, I really don't care!!
  5. Well she's a stupid *ss. That bag is as authentic as it gets... I would file a complaint against her with PayPal.
  6. it also seems like she got an amazing deal!! and if she has a cabas piano why would she get another?? lol
  7. what a jerk!:tdown::tdown: if she had an authentic cabas she would know what one looks like. SHE IS A SCAM ARTIST. WHAT IS HER FEEDBACK LIKE?
  8. Watch out, she might try to bait and switch on you. Keep your old photos and stand your ground. She obviously sounds like a nut. I'm pretty sure pay pal will not refund her unless she can provide a letter from someone at LV saying that its fake(some please correct me if I'm wrong). You might want to post this in the eBay section on here. A lot of the people there are extremely helpful. Good luck!
  9. I believe that if you explain the situation they can remove the negative feedback...that is crazy...she has not even gotten confirmation about the authenticity of the bag...what a nut !!! Besides the price she got it for was excellent.

    I would also be careful if you decide to accept a return of the bag (I wouldn't)...she might be doing all this ridiculous show to return you a fake one...you never know with this people...so beware !!!

    Hey Guys...what if she takes pics of the fake cabas she has and sends those to My Poupette claiming that's the bag Lynpink sent her? Would PayPal return her the money and screw Lynpink? I think all this show is because she plans to do something like that and perhaps return her a fake bag? What a horrible experience.

  10. Well needless to say, I gave her negative :tup:
  11. is the buyer pf member calhoun as seen in john's link? it would be a major coincidence!
  12. I Was Just Thinking The Same Thing. She May Have A Fake One And Will Try To Return That Or She Will Try To Authenticate A Fake Bag To Say It Was Fake. Anything Can Happen With Such Scam Artist. Don't Give Up.
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  14. ^^ prolly not coincidence. This new "poster" is attempting to gather info to "prove" their case about the cabas, but failed. This is a really sucky situation, and these scammers need to burn in hell. I hope everything turns out the way it should - you get the negative feedback off AND get your money that is rightfully yours. I really do dislike people who don't bother to try to talk it out with the seller, and just leave negative feedback irresponsibly.