i'm literally in love with my bags

  1. i have never felt this way about inanimate objects. i have always loved bags of any kind, but i LOVE my lvs. i think you all would be the only ones who get this. i have no idea as to why i love my bags so much. :smile:
  2. well...im sure we all hear ya =)
  3. I know how you feel, I just love mine, too.
  4. same here. i love love love bags!!! :yes:
  5. I love mine too! I get sad when I can't carry them around campus :sad:
  6. I feel exactly the same!! I will often take them all out of their sleepers and arrange them on the bed and just admire them, then pose with them one by one in the mirror...lol how pathetic!
  7. AWwwww...lol me too:shame:
  8. Sigh..aren't we all :love: ???!! Sadly, I'm sure some of my LVs don't feel as loved as some of the others
  9. I think thats pretty much classified as normal behavour with most of us here :roflmfao:!
    Haha so dont worry haha we all do it sometimes! :flowers:
  10. I am right there with you! Although I have always been a 'purse girl', I have never loved a brand so much. I have a Gucci and a Dior, but they get no play time whatsoever. LV gets all of my attention!
  11. I can relate! I have been carrying my one lone LV around since I got her a couple of weeks ago. I cannot imagine NOT using her! LOL She's a Mono Speedy 35 and she's gorgeous. She comes to work with me everyday and went to the grocery store, too. I LOVE her!
  12. I love my bags too.
    They have done so much for me.
    Carry my stuff, make my heart stop when I look at them.
    Make me look hip.
    Provide hours of entertainment on the PF.
    Helped me figure out how to use my digital camera so I could post pics here and for other uses too.
    Make strangers stop me on the street to tell me how much they liek my bag - this makes me, the bag, and the other person happy - :smile:
  13. Amen.
  14. Hear Hear!
  15. Yep! Me too!:yes: :shame: