I'm liking this new Bulga bag from NM...

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  1. Probably because it's so close to the YSL Muse. What do you guys think? I loved my old Bulga bags but sold them because I got tired of looking at them. This one is exclusive to NM and it's $620... unfortunately no discounts because other sites won't carry it.

    Yay or nay?

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  2. I would say Nay, even though I like Bulga and I liked this purse on the model on the NM site. I think all in all it is a little too unimpressive for me and a little dry but not by much.

    I think I would have to see it in person to have a full opinion on it.
  3. This has been a subject of several threads I think, I love it!
  4. ^^ Oops, I guess I missed them.

    I guess it's kind of a poor man's Muse, but I reeeeally like it. It's got a little kick to it that the Muse doesn't have. I think it might be sort of a contridiction of itself though... the structured style with Bulga's soft leather. Hmmmmm.
  5. I'm not crazy about this bag. It's a little under-embelished, don't you think?
  6. It's definitely under-embellished but I don't know that I especially mind that. It does have the tassle on the zipper... I wonder if the other side at least has an exterior pocket?

    It it were in the $300 range, I'd snap it up but not for twice that.
  7. I agree....I love it! Haven't seen it in person though, but I love that it is "plain".
  8. I like that it's simple. But the straps look too short to shoulder. Can't you shoulder the large muse?
  9. I was looking into that bag and I like it. I like the color, the leather looks very nice and I like the simplicity of the bag.

    I beginning to think you and I have a similar taste! ..I swear God that this afternoon during lunch I saved the same pic of Bulga and thinking of posting a new thread sometimes tonight. And you read my mind!! :lol:

    I was looking into the price too and thinking..I wish it's a little less than that. Maybe you need to see the bag in person and see how it looks on you and how you like the bag.

    I say yay for the bag and for the price if I really wanted the bag badly I say yay to the price too. :biggrin:
  10. I'm not particularly fond of it... although it's certainly more timeless than other Bulga bags I don't think it warrants it's $620 price tag (but then again which bag really warrants their prices nowadays!?!?) :smile:
  11. It's too close to the muse bag...so I guess no.
  12. I like its simplicity but I'm leaning more towards the Muse.
  13. You can shoulder the large Muse but not the oversize. The proportions are about the same with this one as with the oversize.

    Hey Sweetea! Yep, we do seem to have some things in common! Hehe. I wish our store would get this one in.