I'm liking this bag...

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  1. Cole Haan Sierra line:


    I like the detailing and that it's big enough for a laptop. Not just another black bag.
  2. I like that how heavy would it be?
  3. No idea, but I'm planning to swing by the Cole Haan store this week and check it out. I'll let you know.
  4. I ventured in there today and there was limited merchandise there. That bag wasn't in NJ...guess they are waiting for inventory and then will restock.
  5. there was also limited bag inventory in Atlanta this weekend. i'd wait a couple weeks or call before going.
  6. Pseub, that's a great-looking bag! Black and NOT boring! Go for it!
  7. That would make a sassy laptop bag; you should definitely try it on for comfort though; unless of course you have one of those ultralite laptops and weight of bag with computer is not an issue.
  8. I actually don't have a laptop, but I have to drag notebooks and files to meetings and so want work bags that will be the right size and shape for that.
  9. Out in LA you should be able to find multiple stores with the bag; I don't know how you can live in LA and practice shopping restraint.

    I just go shopping-loco the few times I have been :nuts:.
  10. Trust me, it isn't easy!! :P The only thing that saves me is not having much time to shop these days.
  11. It's a pretty bag, especially for a lap top..
  12. I like it. Looks like a great everyday bag!
  13. I like that bag! It's simple too and black's always a classic color.
  14. Cole Haan has definitely become more stylish over the years. I've always associated the brand with more mature people - maybe because my mom loves it so much.
  15. Went and looked at the bag today, it's really, really nice! I won't be buying this month after getting the Paddy, but it's definitely on my list. The Century City store had all of the new Sierra designs in all of the colors. They are very nice looking bags! The smaller flap satchel is also a contender.