I'm liking this bag, your opinion please...

  1. I'm thinking it looks deliciously soft, pretty roomy and very comfy...What do you think, Get it? or Get over it?
  2. Hmm....I dunno...not really my style. It looks a little grandma-ish to me. Sorry... I say...if you keep thinking about it and you really want it then go for it.
  3. It's nice...but reminds me of a diaper bag.
  4. whats the brand?
  5. LOL!! i was drooling over it and then read your comment. :lol:

    I looove how smooshy it looks and I'd rock that with jeans all summer :smile: Plus, I'd def. notice someone who was carrying that because it looks so yummy and smooshy!
  6. LOL, it does look kind of diaper baggish! I guess I will sleep on it.

    GUNG it just says 'Francoise bag," not sure if that's the name of the bag or the brand.
  7. No brand, no price....OK, just gotta judge the bag for what it is! LOL

    I love the smooshiness and colors, and it probably carries a lot, but I agree with purseinsanity's comment about the diaper bag. It's not bad, but I'm not falling all over myself for this one.
  8. haha, maybe I have premature grandma taste, but I love it! It seems perfect for an everyday bag- it can hold everything but has pockets to keep things accessible. Finally- practical shoulder straps! The leather is just gorgeous too. I really see this being the perfect fall/winter bag.

    Where did you find it? I'm really interested in getting one :smile: I'd love to see it in a burgundy :drool:
  9. i LOVE it!!! i think it's lovely! is it from sissi rossi?
  10. I like it. it seems to be very confortable!
  11. I like the bag but I don't think the shoulder straps are proportioned right, they seem too thin.
  12. I like it! The leather looks lovely and squishy, it looks roomy, I like the extra pockets. I don't think it looks even vaguely grandmaish - you must have seriously hip grandmas whoever said that! I like the colour too. Where's it from?
  13. I think the leather looks super soft, but I don't know if I love the style. But if you like it, you'll make it look great! Sometimes it just needs to be on someone's arm!
  14. It looks super soft and squooshy and I don't think too grandma-ish at all.

    My only problem would be I think it would turn into one of those bags that just looked kind of wrinkled all the time after just a little bit of use?

    If it isn't super expensive I'd say go for it, why not?
  15. I love it. It looks as smooshy as Moni Moni and a lot cheaper.