I'm liking the new duffel bag...what about you?

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  1. love love love!!!!
  2. I went to Nordstrom's over the weekend and got to handle the SLP line. The duffel feels great - very luxurious leather, and the suede lining is cool, too. I can't speak to whether it scratches easily, or how they wear, as the bags were all new. But I'd like to save up and get a 12 if possible.

    I love the "earth" gray color, but part of me worries that over time the handles would darken if carried regularly this way.
  3. I just received the emerald green 6 inch duffle today in the mail and it is gorgeous!!! It is so simple and classic that it will stand up to the test of time. The leather is softer so you do need to be careful with it if you want to limit the scratches it gets over time. Overall, very impressed with the quality and I am usually a LV girl :smile:
  4. I was able to try the 3 in person. It was so small! Plus the strap was just a few inches too short for me crossbody. I'm about 5 foot 8
  5. I really like this duffle, I am considering it in the dark grey colour in size 6. I have a Celine duffle though and they are pretty similar, which is the main thing that is stopping me. I love duffles though, I think they are so classic and timeless without being boring (and my style isn't all that classic but u enjoy timeless pieces, if that makes sense).
  6. I received my SLP green 6 duffle and was not impressed. Sent it back for a refund. I guess I was expecting a more luxurious bag. It looked to ordinary to me.
  7. I think they are understated elegance.
  8. I just got the baby duffle in red which I love, but I'm worried about treating it. Can anyone give me some advice? I normally use colloni waterproofing spray on my bags but the SA told me to use nothing.
  9. I thought I'd never get into the SL Duffle but after trying the 6, I fell in love. Funny is that my partner actually likes the bag (but only in black), and he likes the 6 more than the 12 on me because it's better proportion wise. So now I'm obsessing over it and can't get it out of my head. Argh.
  10. The 6 is a great size. Had the leather not been so high maintenance I'd've kept it. Sigh.
  11. I was actually considering its leather and does seem a bit high maintenance. But I'm thinking it adds to the character. I actually don't mind now if the bag gets scratched as long as the bag doesn't fall apart. How long did u keep it for?
  12. I kept it for about two weeks I think. I had the Havane Brown 6. I looooved that color.
  13. Oh I saw that color and it was gorgeous! Would you have any modelling pics? I'm actually considering getting the black duffle 6 and still obsessing until now. Lol.
  14. Yes I do, here's one.

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