I'm liking the new duffel bag...what about you?

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  1. I love this bag, it is so simple and effortless so if you like a more minimalistic style, or you dress more boldly, it would be perfect.

    It is also a relatively new style, so not many people will have had it :smile: I am also curious as to how it would age, anyone?
  2. Ok so I know I didn't like it that much before... But the grey one is breathtaking!
  3. I had a duffle 6 in havane brown for a couple of weeks, gorgeous bag, I liked the design and quality of it. However, the leather is very susceptible to scratches. I kept finding new scratches and having to use Meltonian to remedy them on a daily basis. At that point I had to say goodbye to it, I can't deal with a high maintenance bag. If Saint Laurent comes out with the duffle in different and sturdier leathers then I might get another one someday.
  4. agree with melikey...received my gray duffle last week from farfetch and it was a total mess. i can't believe they sent me a bag that was creased up with scratches all over. it wasnt used , but obviously manhandle somewhere inbetween. berautiful bag, but the quality was not what you would expect for an almost $3000 bag.
  5. For prefall it looks like there will be a smaller version, the 3, with a crossbody strap. Hmmm!
  6. I have the duffle 12 in black. I have not found the leather to be particularly fussy or high maintenance to be honest... I've worn the bag for a week straight and don't see any scratches or marks from regular use-- and for me, regular use includes carrying it on the subway. If it does get a little scratched up, I don't think I will mind. I like when leather gets character from use. (Of course, I can totally understand though why it would be frustrating to have a brand new bag get all scratched up like the other poster reported! )

    if I could do it over again I might actually have chosen the 6. I am usually a big bag girl so I gravitated to the 12, but I don't love the way the shoulder strap looks on the 12 (on me anyway.) I think the shoulder strap looks best on the 6. I'm too tall to wear it cross body so I am wearing it without the shoulder strap at all-- I removed it.

    In my opinion this is a nice simple bag in a sumptuous leather. I like that it is plain and understated, but that's exactly what I was looking for. i got a great deal on mine and am happy with it, but I can definitely see why this isn't something everyone is falling for.

    If you are interested in it, I definitely recommend trying it on if you can. It seems like people either fall for it once they see it... or not so much.:smile:
  7. It's good that you got it in black, I think future nicks on it won't be as obvious. The Duffle 6 that I had, and I loved it for all the 10 days I had it, was in a gorgeous Havane Brown, the leather was beautiful but because it was a lighter color, the little scratches were easier to spot. It was easy to remedy them with leather lotion but since I'm used to the sturdiness of goatskin bags, it became a nuisance for me. I have not completely ruled out Saint Laurent, I do like the direction Slimane is taking as far as handbags and accessories. I'll be waiting for a Duffle 6 with sturdier leather.
  8. I've looked at several of these in store. I'm not blown away but it's not bad. The thing is, it looks awfully similar to the Coach Legacy Pinnacle large Hayley satchels...way to close.

    Coach legacy pinnacle Hayley.jpg
  9. I wasn't impressed with the zipper pulls on this bag. They are certainly thin which I didn't expect so I thought it was veering towards 'cheapness' like they are trying to nickel and dime the customer and increase profit by cutting back on hardware quality. The solid deep grey leather is nice.

    YSL small duffle 2013.jpg
  10. Really? I actually like the hardware :-/
  11. I actually like the hardware too. I think the thinning is to streamline it and add a minimalist feel, rather than to cut back on costs.
  12. I have to eat my words. The small 3 (? I think?) is on sale and I think this colour is lovely! The pics I took aren't accurate: they are washed out compared to real life. With the smaller size, I don't mind the zipper pulls at all...they just feel more proportioned this way. This darling little duffle is $13xx.

    I guess I can't though because I just did some damage in the premier designer handbag category! The sales are really good this year.

    IMG-20130610-01214.jpg IMG-20130610-01215.jpg
  13. I just ordered the SLP Duffel 6 in green. Should be here Monday night. I hope I will not be disappointed.
  14. Does anyone know if the new duffle 3 is a crossbody bag? :smile:
  15. Yes it is
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