I'm liking the new duffel bag...what about you?

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  1. Gwyneth and Kate have the 12. The only difference is the 12 is 2.5 inches wider than the 6. Depending on your build and space needs, the 6 is a great sized everyday duffel. The 12 is very nice too and I almost got it but it seemed too big on me, it would be great for taller people and for travel.
  2. thank you! did you see the gray and black duffle? can't decide between the two. i prefer the gray, but it doesn't seem to appear as striking as the black does in pics. wondering how they compare in real life?
  3. I have not seen the gray in store. Barneys has black, blue, yellow, red, brown. They're all great colors. The black is nice with the gold hardware although I do like the gray, I just need to see it. Pre Fall we'll see some colorblocked duffels, ysl.com and Nordstrom.com both have them already, I'm liking the black and white and black and camel duffels.
  4. Thoughts on the Saint Laurent "Rive Gauche" satchel? I think it's great, a little bit more detailed than the Duffle. The attachment of the shoulder strap makes it more ladylike in my opinion. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1366761880.416715.jpg
  5. Can't believe that this bag was given a new name. It looks just slightly different compared to the Duffel.

    It does look more feminine than the Duffel, but is kind of lacklustre; there isn't anything about this bag that makes it special. It's just a Boston-/Polochon-style bag, and it's one of the plainest ones I've seen.
  6. Yeah I wasn't sure how I felt about this bag when I first saw it, lackluster is pretty appropriate, it certainly doesn't look very "Rive Gauche" to me.
  7. I think that it would look better if it had the Saint Laurent logo like the Duffel, but somehow they chose to eliminate this detail to set the two bags apart.

    They could have used a gold chain strap for this bag, which would've made it quite feminine and beautiful.
  8. It does have the Saint Laurent logo on it but it's much closer to the top of the bag, below the zipper so it's not very noticeable at all.
  9. I much perfer the plain duffle.
  10. Me too, although the Rive Gauche has much potential, just needs some tweaking.
  11. Still looks like a mens overnight bag to me and can't they come up with original bag names? Both Rive Gauche and Sac de Jour have been used in the past.
  12. I actually like the simplicity of the names except it should be Duffel instead of Duffle and Sac Du Jour instead of De Jour. For a French label they really should be more accurate.
  13. Sac de Jour was a name given to the large Belle de Jour clutch, in reference to the movie with the same name starring Catherine Deneuve. Although 'du jour' is correct generally, there are also expressions belle de nuit - a term for a prostitute and belle-de-jour which is a flower which closes at night. The movie title was playing on both of these as Catherine Deneuve's character was a prostitute by day, meaning she was living a double life. Du jour in that expression would mean she was a belle of the day (soon to lose her appeal).

    Applying a similar logic, sac de jour = day bag, whereas sac du jour = bag of the day (to be out of fashion tomorrow). So you have a point there :P
  14. Ah, thanks for explaining that to me. I think Du Jour sounds better than De Jour but taken in the same context as belle de nuit/jour makes it naughty. Ha, I'm trying to analyze a bag's name way too much. But there's no excuse to duffle, it has to be duffel since it is a duffel bag.
  15. i actually looked at the SLP Duffle Bag just a while ago (silly, i know, but i still doubt Hedi) and from afar, it was gorgeous! the Cobalt Blue made my heart aflutter with excitement.. but as i held it and played with it, i was underwhelmed.. the leather was too thin, quite fragile, and the tone on tone suede lining is also, very very thin.. maybe this is the reason why many people are complaining of the shoulder straps of their SLPs tearing. i mean for that price (the 12 was Php 116,000 <roughly $2800>) i expected a lot more... the zipper tabs were very unluxurious, very simple (maybe it was the minimalist vibe that he was after, but very tin metal zipper pulls felt like they were gonna break in a few pulls. you can go minimal without sacrificing the look of luxury) Celines were cheaper by almost $200-300 and the leather was very very nice, supple, and thick... i appreciated my LV SC now even more because of it's gorgeous leather. i know, it's a bit steeper, but it's more beautiful personally...

    in the end, i was left wanting more.


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