I'm liking the new duffel bag...what about you?

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  1. I agree with Melikey. This bag is 'quietly luxurious'. I understand why some ppl say it's boring, because there isn't really much to the bag. However, the leather and quality really speaks for itself. For me, if I saw someone wearing this bag on the street, I can tell right away it's an expensive bag because of the quality. Also, I would say that this bag is very different depending on the color and size you choose. I think the black would be bland. But if you buy the size 6 and get the luggage tag stamped at LV, I think the gold initials might help you make the bag a little more pop/unique, but understated at the same time.
    This bag is pretty much a crossover b/w LV and Celine's duffle, which I think is great, because it's the best of both worlds for me! I got the powder in size 6 and I love it alot. I enjoy the details on the hardware and the strap.
  2. The 6 is a great size isn't it? Powder sounds like a lovely color! My only qualm about the bag is the vulnerability of calfskin, I don't like babying my bags, I'm pretty brutal with my goatskin Pandora and it has stood the torture. I can't knock around with my duffel and feel like I have to be super careful with it. Any care tips?
  3. Thanks for the review. Maybe it really does depend on the size and color. As a guy, I would get the black. Unfortunately, the black is just a disappointment and I hate how the straps attach at the side.

    For me, Serapian is a great alternative and has a much better price. And, surprisingly, DSQUARED2 is finally making some classic looking leather goods that are very tempting.
  4. Agreed about the size and the colour. If the Duffle 24 comes out in navy, I would seriously consider it as my next purchase. Just that there might be better options of black bags than the Duffle, plain and simple (no pun intended).
  5. What a great thumbs up for this bag. I saw my very first one the other night while I was getting out of the car to the mall. A woman was walking to her car next to me with the gorgeous Blue duffle (small). She did not have the strap attached, but I recognized the hang tag and the open pocket in front. I so wanted to say...can I feel it! Of course, I said nothing. Now...I will be looking forward to feeling this bag with your great recommendation.
  6. Yeh, the Calfskin seems to be more delicate, but I think SLP did a good job finishing up the bag. For example, compared to my bbags, I don't feel the need to put any kind of protective spray or whatnot on the bag. Also, since you have a havana (which I think is pretty hot), I think you're fine. Like any designer bags, try not to bang it around too much. I would have to say though, the straps on the side sort of worries me. So don't put toooo much stuff in it yet. Let the bag 'stretch' for a while. AND, this leather seems very similar to Celine's. If you have any problems like scratches or color transfer, I think you can go to the Celine section to see what you can do. =)
  7. Melikey has a brown and it looks very good! But I agree with you. I think if it came out in a dark navy, it would look pretty good on a guy.
  8. Thanks! I got the 6 to stop me from taking too much stuff with me.
  9. I saw the grey one at Neimans and I liked it :smile: wish the strap was long enough to do cross body. Sigh
  10. Depending on your build, the strap can be long enough for cross body. I wear mine cross body!
  11. Aw man! I'm jealous. I'm about 5 foot 8 and it came up too high on my torso.

    Enjoy yours! :smile:
  12. Did you try adjusting the strap to the longest length?
  13. I totally agree! For me, the black speaks it all...Black is my favorite color and to get the Duffle in Black is the ultimate classic chic because its plain and simple yet luxurious and black is the ultimate classic so it's all the advantages I want rolled into one...Definitely getting this sometime in the future.
  14. Yes, I believe both sides were at the longest length :smile:
  15. has anyone seen this bag in the 12? trying to decide between this size and the 6...

    also, does anyone know the size that gwyneth paltrow and kate moss are using?
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