I'm liking the new duffel bag...what about you?

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  1. Nice to see you here! I do like the SC but the SLP is much more "wallet friendly" KWIM...the leather looks great too. I will check this bag asap
  2. I know what you mean! I think this is just as good as the SC, in fact I would have got this one, if the SC hadn't been released before. Next time I go to the center I'll check it out!
  3. I hadn't liked any of the pics I had seen so far, but tonight while browsing Nordstrom's website I came across the blue one. It looks so gorgy! I also like the red one and how it looks carried by the model. The Nordstrom near me doesn't have the blue one in stock but I will go see the red one hopefully tomorrow.

    Bleu de France http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/saint-laurent-duffle-small-leather-satchel/3454280?origin=category&BaseUrl=Handbags

    Rouge http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/saint-laurent-duffle-small-leather-satchel/3454281?origin=category&BaseUrl=Handbags
  4. I have to agree with you! They are gorgeous. Both colors amazing! Can't wait to hear back from you how they feel and look IRL. Good luck!
  5. Yeah me too, I'd choose antigona over this any day.
  6. I didn't see this one in real life, only the 3rd design chycs which all look nice. I'd love to know how the leather would wear, it looks like it would last forever. The design is classic but I still find it too boring and masculine, like a mini overnight bag. It's lacking the x factor. I'm currently looking for an everyday black bag and this one is not catching my interest.
  7. not trying to be mean but i sincerely hope that the company could stay up till the next director is assigned..the new designs are, *sign* the clothing trends are mostly Givenchy look-alike; accessories, especially the handbags are a mixed of old YSL, Louis Vitton, ferragamo, Givenchy and +++ else.
  8. I tried the Duffle 24 and whilst I was momentarily excited to see it in the store, I felt that it wasn't *that* great as I had imagined it to be. Bit of a forgettable bag and for that price, everyone has better options.

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  9. Completely agree. I held it and was over it :/ too bad really.
  10. The color options certainly made the bag more interesting but not enough to buy it. The SC looked like it can last forever, the leather on this looks very scratch and slouch friendly. I love simplicity but somehow this feels boring unlike Celine stuff, no idea why.
  11. I ended up returning my 6. As much as I loved the leather and the interior, like so many I found it pretty boring.
  12. Umm... yeah. This is not going to work. The duffel is nice and has good quality I am sure, but at that price it should be more sumptuous. Thanks for the modeling pic; you just helped me to decide to pursue something else.

    For 3K USD there are many options. I love simplicity, but this just seems generic. Believe me, there is a difference.
  13. Beautiful bag! Could you please show us some mod pics please?! How are the straps holding up? And would you say that the leather is similar to Celine's?

  14. I saw this bag the other day at Neimans and all I can say is -- WOW!!
    When I first saw pics of this bag, I wasn't too impressed, but I'm all about the leather used for bags, and the leather they chose for these bags is just incredible! It reminds me of the leather Celine uses for its box bags. They may be a little delicate and some people may not appreciate the way they wear, but I assume these bags -- like the Celine box -- are meant to age "gracefully" developing signs of wear and age. And the colors they chose -- the blue!! :loveeyes::drool::loveeyes:

    I have a few other bags I'm hoping to add to my collection soon, but the Saint Laurent duffle has moved much farther up my "Most Wanted" list!! I"m very surprised to read all the negative comments
  15. I completely agree with you. It's gorgeous in real life. I've been wanting a duffel I can wear crossbody, SC is too expensive, Antigona and Lucrezia can't be worn crossbody. The SL Duffle was love at first sight for me. Quietly luxurious and timeless I think. I recently caved and got a Duffle 6 in Havane Brown. Smitten.
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