I'm liking the new duffel bag...what about you?

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  1. For those concerned about scratches on the leather, I highly recommend Mink oil.

    I've had my navy 12 for a couple of months now, use it about once/twice a week. Few scratches but I don't really mind - I feel that bags are to be used, not babied - but don't put it on the floor! And I tend to disagree about the leather being delicate... used it in the rain today & it just rolled off easily.

    Also, it's a lot lighter than the SDJ in large!
  2. Thanks for the info...didnt think I would be able to carry my bag in rain or snowy weather. So I always opt to carry 1 of my sturdier bags that I know do well in bad weather, either my Prada or Gucci.

    Also, did you carry your bag in the rain prior to treating with Mink Oil?
  3. Yes, I only use the mink oil as and when I feel it needs a touch up. I've only done it once so far!

    The leather fairs well in the rain, so no need to worry there.
  4. Thanks appreciate your info...Happened to get caught in a bad rain storm with my bag over this past weekend. Dried my bag well with a clean cloth when i got home and my bag still looks great no issues at all!