I'm liking the new duffel bag...what about you?

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  1. Thanks for the headsup! I am looking at all of them and they are at full price! So sad! Was yours a classic color(black, navy blue, red, bordeaux, white, green) or more of a seasonal color?
  2. I believe it may have been seasonal, the color is called Kaki. In person the color is more in the brown family of khaki and its gorgeous. The color accents the gold SL name is a nice subtle kind of way.

    I just saw a black 1 last week and that was priced lower than my deal. What you may want to do is to check the site every morning. That is how I found all my deals, because they add new stuff to the sale section everyday. And as soon as you see the bag dont stop to browse check right out, because they sale out super fast.

    Good luck
  3. Sorry but I also forgot to mention the bag is currently on the TJ Maxx website for $1999.99 in the earth and the magneta colors. Not a real good deal but it beats full price.....
  4. Thank you so much! Will do this!:biggrin:
  5. I wanted to bump this thread to ask those of you who have had your duffles for a while, are you still liking the bag? How has it aged? I have gone back and forth on this bag since it first came out -- love the design, but having heard the leather doesn't age well and that some people have had problems with the shoulder strap, I'm looking for some reassurance!
  6. I have the 12 and only it for a few months and have only used it a couple of times. So far its aging ok with a few scratches but doesnt look bad at all. I took the bag into my local SL boutique to inquire as to why the bag scratches so easily. I mean I can literally scratch this bag with my fingernail....The reps told me it was just the way the leather was made, very delicate. The rep then stated most people didnt mind because it gives the bag character....They then advised I could avoid the bag scratching so easily by using a good leather conditioner on it. When I asked which one the rep said they do not recommend anything paticular and advised me to go to a high end cobbler or leather repair shop to get a recommendation. I have not done so as of yet......Also, if you are the type of person who wants a structured bag this is not the bag for you. The bag does slouch however, it depends on how much stuff you carry in your handbag. Im careful not to overload this bag because in my opinion the suede lining inside the bag makes this bag a little heavy already. I have noticed when i carry it by the handles versus on the strap I get less slouch however, it looks good both ways so i dont have a preference.

    Hope this helps....
  7. Thanks, this is really helpful. I'm thinking of getting the 6 -- hopefully the slouch would be less in a smaller bag, as I would use the shoulder strap a lot. you have a good point about the bag already being surprisingly heavy because of the suede lining. I do wish someone had a well-used duffle so we could all see how it ages when heavily used. It sounds a bit like Hermes box leather, but a lot less stiff.Thanks for your opinion!
  8. I've seen these bags in person a few times. I don't care that it similar to other designers as all designers are taking inspiration from one another, someway, somehow. The bag has no excitement for me. Regarding the new vision of SL, I have to agree with you. Not much creativity going on. Look at the 2015 Spring show. Gosh, I feel like I've seen these designs before. The short dresses are cute. That's about it.


    I adore the SDJ and had no issues with the revamped Cabas handbags.
  9. Your welcome and I totally think you would get less slouch with the 6. I tried one on in the store and noticed the difference right away with the shape. Idk, I almost felt like the leather was a bitter stiffer...it wont hurt to go in to a store and try before you buy. This way you will make sure to get the bag that suits your needs.
  10. I am lusting after the revamped Cabas myself, cant wait to find a good sale on it. I think it would make a perfect everyday bag.
  11. The new Cabas is nicely made, its lacks a little less character than original. Try to find one on sale or purchase during a customer reward program InCircle, Saks, Notes, etc. Good luck and hope you find one soon.

  12. Just scored the mini crossbody version for $380 at Nordstrom Rack! But the strap is super long for my 4'11 frame. Anyone have the same problem?

  13. I just saw your find on the Nordies rack finds. So lucky!! If you don't want let me know!
  14. Just nabbed a black studded 3 for less than $600!! :smile: I'm a sucker for anything studded..harkens back to my punk kid roots.

    Anxiously awaiting delivery. I hope the 3 is big enough...I've handled the 6 in person and liked it. Does anyone else have a 3?
  15. Ok so I received my studded duffle 3 a couple of days ago and...I'm a little underwhelmed. I like it, but I think it is just a smidge too small for my lifestyle and I personally feel that it looks a little basic. This size with the tiny studs, I don't know -- at a distance it looks like a bedazzled clutch. I think I'll be letting this one go, sadly.
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