I'm liking the new duffel bag...what about you?

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  1. Last night I gave a look at the new SLP website...at first I wasn't impressed, too much black for my liking.
    But the duffel bag took my attention. I'm craving for another bag to use as my everyday bag, I use the LV Speedy a lot because it goes well with many outfits (I'm mostly in jeans and cardi) and thought about getting a new mon monogram speedy or even a preloved H Kelly.
    Now I'm considering the Duffel bag because the price is not too bad compared to other brands (think of the LV Coppola bag, it's very similar), has a shoulder strap and looks very elegant.
    What do you think? Has anyone already seen it in stores?
  2. I actually just left the YSL store and my new SA showed me this bag. My first impression was they copied the LV speedy. My next thought was the leather is so smoothe and I wonder how it will age (my SA mentioned they were introducing new leathers). Overall I thought it was a beautiful handbag and the colors are amazing. I'm interested in hearing feedback from others. Oh and my SA made sure to tell me that it was voted as In Styles it bag for the spring lol
  3. I was not impressed when I saw photos of Gywneth Paltrow carrying it. I am used to high quality YSL bags and support for any kind of strap (unlike Miu Miu which can break under weight easily). I am afraid this is a bad design of a shoulder bag, attachment of shoulder strap ...someone noted that earlier in some thread about Hedi Slimane's changes....even Gwyneth is seen more and more carrying this bag in hand by the handles.....I think other designers solved this design better

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  4. not for me..
  5. I bought this bag a few days ago. I love the leather and I love the suede interior. I think it's a beautiful bag. However, I think the bag lacks interest. It is sleek and refined and sophisticated, as expected, but I wish it had at least a little extra something to set it apart from other bags. I haven't decided yet whether to keep it.

  6. Ooooh please post pics if you get a chance! I am very intrigued by this bag but have yet to see it in real life...
  7. Thank you all for your replies. For those who have seen it IRL, did you have the impression that the leather would resist an everyday use?
  8. I don't consider this as a bad sign, we've seen way too many handbags that had a twist but were out in just a few years (think of Chloé Paddington). This one is so sleek that can be carried for many years IMO. You can eventually add a charm to live it up.
    Btw, what color and size did you get?
  9. Sure, I'll try to get some pics up this afternoon.
  10. That's true, the simplicity does add to the timelessness of the bag. I got the small in black. If I do decide to go with a duffle though I'll probably exchange it for a medium since I like a little more room in an everyday bag.

    I don't have a lot of experience with different kinds of leather, but my feeling is this leather would wear well.
  11. I'm sorry these are so dark. I'll try to get a few more photos tomorrow with my camera rather than my phone. I included one with the redesigned small Cabas Chyc for size and color comparison. Even though the Cabas looks bigger they are a similar size.

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  12. The bag is not for me.
    It looks less interesting
  13. Yeah that's my vote as well, unfortunately. But I'm glad some YSL dolls and dudes are seeing the beauty in the piece. Hopefully, the bag and others from the Slimane-era will garner a following.

    There is no doubt that the very thing that makes me see this as boring - it's simplicity - will allow it to be carried for a long time by those who love it. I just feel that if I wanted a bag like this I'd get a Givenchy antigona or even lucrezia - they definitely have some pop to them.

    Still, enjoy the duffel in good health :smile:
  14. I really like it!!!!! how much do they run for??:smile:
  15. Mary, I would get it in a heartbeat if I hadn't got the Sofia Coppola recently: it's just my kind of bag! I haven't seen it IRL, but I love the grey one Gwyneth has.
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