I'm leaving for a 5 week holiday tonight, no TPF no louis sub for 5 weeks!

  1. I am really looking forward to this holiday but our appartment has no TV nor internet connection so i will check my e-mail once a week or so in a cafe....:crybaby:. I also have to miss my BF a week since he still has school obligations
  2. Aww!
    Have fun!
    If you have a sidekick you could browse tpf !
    Lol Tpf is on my sidekicks favs list.
    Anyway Have a great time! :smile:
  3. Surely there will be an internet cafe nearby? :smile:
  4. in our appartement is no internet connection not even from somebody else, it's a very small town. There is an internet cafe so i can go online, they're not cheap...there goes my purse funs...
  5. have fun =)
  6. have a great trip!!
  7. Have a great holiday! Remember to drop by tpf when you're at the internet cafe! :tup:
  8. Have a wonderful holiday!
  9. Awww... we shall miss you!

    Think of all the things you can get done since you won't be tied to a desk though!
  10. have a wonderful time!!
  11. Awww have a great trip though!!!!!
  12. Have a wonderful trip and we will be here waiting for you when ou return! Cheers!
  13. aww have a great holiday !!!
  14. Have fun, it sure sounds like fun!! I know the missing bf part because we're separated by a continent now where i am holidaying as well!! Anyway time flies quickly, cherish your holiday for you will be back to this sick working schooling life soon!! Hehe. :yahoo:
  15. Veel plezier! (hope i spelled that right hihih)