I'm learning how to spot a fake... Please Help!

  1. Dear all, I am now learning how to spot a fake LV... I have never buy LV on eBay before... but after some months of reading TPF, I think I am getting better! However, today I came across this Mini Looping on eBay. My first impression was that it was a fake. But somehow, I do not really know what is wrong with it. So now I am not quite sure. :shrugs:

    What do you think? Fake or real??? And why? please... explain to me... I need to learn!!! Thanksssss

    eBay: 100% AUTH LV MONOGRAM MINI LOOPING -BRAND NEW -TAGS (item 160054499114 end time Dec-01-06 04:30:15 PST)
  2. you bether can post this in the authenticate thread