I'm learning "control"

  1. so I went pretty nuts last week n bought 7 bags...including 1 today...and I felt a huge need to control myself because its getting quite out of hand! lolz...its bad when you stage your own intervention..

    I ended up selling quite a few bags since I don't NEED them because I just need a bag with my perfect print and I'm happy..but when I can't find it..and I'm searching and along the way I come across great deals, I just end up buying and buying...It's crazy...(ex: pulse great deals + macy's major sales + eBay)

    So I ended up buying way too many pirata cuz I couldn't find my perfect print dolce...And then I started doing the same with inferno cuz I couldn't find all the characters I wanted...

    But yah the reason why I bought a bag today was because its my PERFECT print for inferno [​IMG] and in the dolce..All 4 featured perfectly on the bag, not cut off! It's what I had originally wanted back in 2006...

    And now I'm going to have self-control and wait until pirata comes out on major sale to find my perfect print of the ocean scene with the standing pirate chick and the 2 pirate chicks on the treasure chest. Then I'll be happy.

    I also put my restraint myself on eBay by adding little notes on each auction i'm watching that says "DONT BID! JUST OBSERVING PRICES!" lolz, that way I don't spontaneously bid..like how i did in the previous week!

    But with all these sales occuring with bloomies, n Nordstrom rack, it sure is tempting..but i'm going to have control! I can't say I'll be that way once Amore comes out though lolz...But we'll see!!
  2. good luck! :flowers:

    I know i've been going crazy here too (I dunno, maybe its something in the air?:shrugs: ) But I put myself on self ban over here :banned: , and then I got that blasted pulse email, and I had to buy it, because 20% is good, but with the markup here in hawaii its really like getting 40% off, plus free shipping, its kind of unheard of here!!:dothewave: :party: :drinkup: :rochard:
  3. i think i pretty much controlled myself lately ..espeically turning down those pretty foresta denaros....until today! haha i bidded for a foresta nuvola and was soo happy that i lost--had to use the money for my secret sis exchange! i had an impulse moment...:graucho:
  4. Good thing you have control. I can get like that with clothes and shoes so I know how you feel. I know that when the newer prints come out I might go crazy though. The only reason I haven't now is b/c I can find all of the older ones on eBay and they are overpriced so I don't feel like paying more than it's worth.
  5. I've always had a fetish for accessories, specifically purses and watches! But this toki thing has got me mental! I've had to have a lot of restraint and I've bought like 10 things in 5 weeks! I talked my husband into a new bag for Easter....but now I really want 2 or 3 more new bags! more, more, more. This is like the emotional process I'm going through.....:confused1: :drool: :nuts: :yes: :yahoo: :wtf: :shame: :sad: then it starts all over again! Anyone else like this?
  6. Yes!!!
  7. yes me too!
  8. so is this normal or only normal for us purse forum toki addicts? this is a problem when everything is relative.
  9. i think its normal for the things we buy? its a rollercoaster ride!
  10. lol see only u guys can understand...we're all going through the same thing..i feel so psychotic to all of my other friends....lolz
  11. I'm spending a lot of time being :confused1: :shame: and right now I need to buy something for a fix! I don't have any bags coming in the mail, and I need one!:throwup:
  12. I'm new to toki, but crazy for it... can understand the fanatacism... toki rocks. but, it's a lingo all it's own....
  13. I hear that 50% off sale! I'm having withdrawal and haven't bought a bag in a week.:wacko: :search:
  14. Bubblesung I too had to stage my own intervention - well actually with a little help from some of my friends here - b/c I got my cc bill yesterday. It made me want to :throwup: :throwup: I've pretty much always been a shopaholic to an extent but this toki craze has pushed me over the edge. I don't have as much self control as you do, I really can't sell things I'm not in :heart: with b/c I get attached to them. I've been thinking of selling some stuff but that's as close as I come to selling...just thinking about it :nuts:
  15. haha well i need to sell in order to fund for buying more bags...i don't get as scared with my bill since i always check my statements online..so i know i'm spending it lolz..but man, i'm running low on money to cover myself for the rest of the year! and then i'll be moving to SF so I'll need to get an even bigger loan to cover for higher living expenses + toki lolz