I'm late...

  1. So, I'm three days late... I have never in my life been late, ever. Not a day, not even a few hours. That's how consistent my cycle is. Now that I'm three days late, I'm wondering (and hoping of course) if there's a chance I'm pregnant... :heart: Here's the problem: I've taken three pregnancy tests (one per day since I discovered I was late), and all three came back negative... what does this mean? Have any of you had a late period and had to wait a number of days for a positive reading? How long should I wait before I call my doctor? Opinons appreciated! :flowers:
  2. It´s still early so depending on the sensitivity of the tests you could still be pregnant. But..having been late myself 9 days with usually a clock-work period; I would suggest you wait a few days until testing again. Have you been under stress lately?
  3. I had a cold last month and was late for 1 week! Stress and illness will affect your body.

    But stay positive. Test a couple of days later! Babydust to you!
  4. I would give it a few more days before testing again. Good Luck.
  5. If you are really excited, you can go get a blood test from the Dr. They tend to be a little more accurate if the reading is low. Best wishes!!!
  6. I am a little sad to report that AF's here. I think all of the traveling I did last month + the colds I've been constantly fighting = stress (making my period late). The good news, though, is that I get to indulge in some sushi this week. :amuse:

    Thanks again for your responses ladies!
  7. Well keep trying and good luck!!
  8. Make sure you get yourself well , take lots of vitamins and drink lots of juice to keep the colds away ..... get your body and mind better and then keep trying with the baby making ;) Good luck :yes: