I'm late on this but I am dying for a black MBMJ Turnlock Teri or Faridah

  1. Anyone have any suggestions on where I can get a deal on one of these? I've been scouring eBay but that's not been too helpful. I've seen some black faridahs now and then but no teri's.
  2. There are defiinitely several black faridah hobos on eBay right now, but I haven't seen the Teri in a while either.
    The black faridah is beautiful~ why don't you go for that?
    Good Luck!
  3. I love the handles of the teri so I had been waiting for one but I know the faridah is more practical for wearing on the shoulder with winter coats.

    I saw one black faridah go for only $200 bin on eBay so I am hoping I can find one for a similarly low price eventually.
  4. The Faridah is a great bag. I saw it at Bloomies a few weeks ago. It is really too big for me though because I don't carry too much stuff. But I love the style. It is really gorgeous IRL and the leather is soooo soft!
  5. ^Thanks for the link! Zappos still has the teri too but I was hoping they would match the shoes.com lucky breaks 25% off code since shoes.com doesn't have a great bag selection. Unfortunately they won't unless the item is available on both sites. :sad:
  6. Thanks cooper1!!! It is now on my watch list!
  7. I bit the bullet and bought one from zappos. I got them to price match shop bop's code (I bought a wallet too, so I'm over the $500 mark) and figure I can return if I get a better deal on ebay. Plus, if I return either item, the coupon code they set up is such that it will still be $125 off the item I keep! Plus I'll have it tomorrow morning. Can't wait!!
  8. Oh, that's great! Keep your eye on that one on eBay, because you may get it cheaper and then you can just return the one you bought tonight.
  9. Definitely! I am a bargain hunter so I will watch it like a hawk! :yes: