I'm Kinda "digging" The Metallic! Which One Do You Like?


which one do you like ? and why?

  1. soho gunmetal hobo?

  2. soho gunmetal satchel?

  3. penelope gunmetal satchel?

  4. None ?

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  1. For Those Of You Who Dont Like The Metallic,please Tell Me Why ?


    Im sooooo sorry for the double post,Im still new to this. Please forgive me!

  2. I love the hobo. I actually thought about getting it but I have a very smiliar looking bag by Prada. I may just wait until this is in the outlet stores.
  3. I'm not a huge fan of metallic bags, but the hobo is the cutest one I think.......
  4. I really like them, Cha Cha. My first choice would be the soho gunmetal satchel because I like satchels a lot as they always look classy IMO. My second choice would be the hobo-it's really cute.:yes:
  5. There is a metallic silver line that is currently in the outlets. I bought a wristlet.
  6. I don't really like Coach's metallics all that much, but if I had to choose I think the hobo is the better choice. The satchels are too structured and classic, and metallic just doesn't seem like it belongs on that kind of bag, it's too trendy. Plus, I don't like the combo of the silver with the brown handles at all. I think it's odd.
  7. I like metallics, I think they are beautiful!!! But I am not a HUGE fan on hobos so go for the satchel...super cute if you love structured bags (like i do)...let us know what you choose!
  8. I vote for the hobo. I agree w/Stophle- the brown + metallic = odd combo IMO. But I haven't seen the IRL, so I could be very wrong. Whatever you choose will probably look great anyway b/c it is Coach afterall!!!
  9. I'm digging the Satchel (the big one). I love this bag. My Mom hates it, she doesn't like the contrast of the dark brown with it.
  10. i actually really like the metallic..i dont k now if i would carry one(it would match nothing) but i really kinda like it..ps im partial to hobo bags myself
  11. i favor the satchel style best, but not particularly in the trendy metallic color. i agree with others that this color is better suited on the hobo, IMO.
  12. I love the hobo.
  13. I just got the silver hobo last week and I love it. I'm all about shiny things, and I always have been.
  14. Does it scratch easily ?
  15. I like the Hobo.