I'm kicking myself now

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  1. for not ordering the patent leather coin purse in RED. now they're sold out and i'm bummed; in need for consolation. :crybaby::crybaby:

    (knowing i don't like green but i love the coin purse) should i buy it in green?
  2. Don't forget there is mahogany and white too!!

    But the green is lovely!
  3. green is my favorite color!
  4. The green is pretty but I love the mahogany! I'm not buying one myself because even though it's very pretty, I don't think I'll use it often enough. If I did buy one however, I'd get mahogany! (and the white is very pretty and versatile too!)
  5. Go for the white, its too cute!
  6. I am sorry. I hate when that happens. Like others have said there are others colors. I know it is not the same.
  7. When something just came out and it's already sold out will they replenish the stock? Or is it a done deal?

  8. I think in the case of the patent coin purses, they are a done deal cuz they're "limited edition"
  9. yes i am kicking my self too....i only wanted the red!
  10. If you really only wanted the red then I wouldnt settle for something else, even if it means not having one. If you get another green you'll only end up regretting it and not really liking it. I'll check and see if my local boutique has one in red and if they do I wouldnt mind shipping it to you. Have you tried calling department stores??
  11. Well, I guess the decision was made for me.

  12. you're so sweet, t he shipping idea sounds fabulous . . . let me know.;)

    but i haven't called department stores because i figured they don't carry limited edition coach items (at least not any dept stres near me).

    i'm gonna go personally talk to the SAs at my local boutique tomorrow.
  13. I checked with my local boutique and they dont have any :sad: Sorry. I hope you find one.
  14. If you call Coach @ 888-262-6224 they still have a "very limited" number of red left. :graucho:
  15. everyone, thanks for your advice and consolation.

    i went to my local boutique today and they put me on the backorder list for the item. the SA said there were like 5 red ones left, but the order didn't go through because there are so few of them left, so she said i was in line (if not first in line) to get one.

    i hope i get it!