I'm keeping my ink first!

  1. I have decided to keep my bag. I really really think I would regret letting it go for a new Fall bag. So, I am keeping the smooshiest ink first in the world and putting myself on a Balenciaga Diet until I can save up more cash for a new bag.
  2. Good for you, Lori!!! Your bag is so smooshy looking! I'm glad you decided to keep her.
  3. Congrats Lori! I'm so glad you decided to keep her!
  4. I feel like I really made that bag my own when I did the Apple conditioner treatment on it. It was my own special massage technique that made her that way! *LOL* She's like a part of me now, I just can't let her go. I thought I really needed an oxblood first, but I am decided that Miss Smooshy is just never getting sold, I just can't.
  5. awe, that's soooooooooo sweet, i'm so happy you're keeping her Lori-girl :tender:
  6. yay for ink!!! i think you made the right choice lori!!!
  7. I think you made the right choice!:yes:
  8. Having just received my Ink First bag I agree with everyone else you made the right choice. Such a fantastic color!
  9. I was debating whether I should keep or return my Ink First recently, too! But I decided to keep it!!!! It is such a beautiful color! Congrats on your decision!
  10. yes! the ink is an amazing color - and won't be around again, so it's definitely the right choice! :love:
  11. You made the right decision Lori and likeafeather! Am happy you guys decided to keep your goegeous inks:jammin:
  12. congrats, lori likeafeather !! Ink is the most fabulous color i've seen so far~~you'll never regret keeping her!!