I'm just so sad!!

  1. Well, today I found an old purse with about 32 bucks worth of Target gift cards in it. I got all excited and immediately started scheming. If I traded my mom the cards for cash, I could get the Tortoise Keyfob I've been DYING for since it came out. I seriously want that turtle. So I start to bargain with my mom and she agrees to give me the cash--under one condition: I HAVE TO USE IT TO BUY CLOTHES!! NOOOO!! I don't want clothes! Ok actually I do, I really need a few workout outfits but I want that damn keychain more! I mean seriously, how many outfits is 32 dollars gonna buy? Probably like 1 and a half. Curse my hair salon for not giving me enough hours. And the thing that REALLY steamed me was that I got a call from the salon today saying that they wanted me to come in from 1-5. I had my cell off all day because I was at the gym and left it in my dad's car!! He was out all day running errands, so I totally got jipped some turtle money!

    Ok I'm done venting now.
  2. Aww, I'm sorry. Haha not to be rude to your mom, but I'd ask a friend if they wanted the gift cards for cash. LOL.
  3. Awwww man, I'm sorry it didn't work out! A good scheme gone to waste. lol:graucho:
  4. LOL!!!! Go to goodwill and buy an outfit for a few dollars and get your keyfob!
  5. Can you get some extra hours at work to get the tutle before the PCE runs out?
  6. She didn't say that you couldn't later return said clothing items for cash, and buy your turtle keyfob ?
  7. sell it on eBay!!!
  8. lol, i'm sure you'll get your keyfob eventually. Don't fret.