I'm just not sure.

  1. I'm trying to get some other opinions, I just recently bought a LV Speedy 30, a Balenciaga P/T BG Pink GGH and an Inclusion Hair Clip. My birthday is on the 22nd and I have a choice between LV luggage(anything I want) , a Chanel bag( anyone) or a new Balenciaga(I think I'm addicted to all the pretty colors). Please any advice on this complicated situation be great. :sweatdrop::upsidedown::shrugs:
  2. i said a chanel :p
    maybe if u gave a price range we can suggest which bags?
  3. You are one lucky lady, happy birthday! I'm a big Bal fan so I'd go with ANYTHING Bal!!
  4. Thanks, I would have to say about $2000-$2500, but I'm getting a new SUV too, so this will probably the last bag purchase until Mother's Day, unless I really cry for one.:angel:
  5. Wow are you lucky. Are you newly married....... only kidding. I'd choose the bbag. Happy birthday!!!
  6. Thank you, I wish I was that would mean more nice gifts lol...but I really think I am leaning toward the BBag, I'll let you all know what I decide.:tup: