im just curious ... metallic snakeskin stam ...

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  1. as above - does anyone have one? they always pop up on ebay so i assume there are a few 'out there' ... i just dont know who would own one. Not in a bad way, just ive never seen one in real life or on a celeb or anything ...

    so, do you have one?
  2. I don't have one, but I think the reason they are on ebay so much lately is that the Nordstrom Racks got a bunch of them lately!
  3. on sale?
  4. Yes - this was awhile ago like a month or two or more. I don't think they have them any more. They were, I think, like $699? But they retailed at $3000 or something. So lotsa ebayers are going for the profit, lol!
  5. wow! what a massive price drop! its the only stam i dont like though ...
  6. ^^ Yea, i dont really like them either. Maybe it's b/c they are all pastel. I might like them better if they were bronze or even black python. There are issues with the scales rubbing off or discoloring, too